My name is Keith Green, better known musically as IPD Green. I was born in Jamaica and currently reside in Washington, DC.

I started my musical journey over 7 years ago continue to develop my passion for music.

HOTLINE: What inspired you to write “Level Level” and when was it conceived?

IPD GREEN: After creating many songs I have a special fondness for my new single ” Level Level ” because it speaks on the many levels in life to show my growth and development in my music career.

HOTLINE: You were recently interviewed for Beyond the Dawn Radio’s website – a station currently playing you. The T Dawn interview mentions that Level Level means to chill, “chill chill” –
what is the message that you are conveying? Is it personal or to the entire world? To one person or to many?

IPD GREEN: The interview with T dawn means in spite of everything that’s going on in life we have to move on to another level of life and prosperity. This message is definitely to the entire world because I want to share my word to as many people as possible.

HOTLINE: What was the concept for the video and were you imbuing “peace, love and understanding” into the the mix, or making it simple for listeners to just “relax” and go with the flow?

IPD GREEN: It was more of a simple video for listeners to view but it was a certain part in the song illustrating to my friend not to trust people who smile in your face because they aren’t really with you to celebrate your success. “Don’t trust everyone .”

HOTLINE: Tell us about the recording process

IPD Green: The recording process was easy. Once I heard the beat the words flowed through my head. It was a comfortable studio session because I was in my home studio and I had a mindset that this was going to be a hit song from the get go.

HOTLINE: How do you work to have the video complement the audio?

IPD GREEN:The video completes the song because the music video puts my song into a clear view of how I feel.

HOTLINE: Our final question, is this the IPD Green spirit and your philosophy or is it separate from your personality and more of a message to the world

IPD It’s separate from my personality. Although, I still try to keep a positive mindset even though we all go through hard times.

I have more projects in the pipeline ready for release soon.

You can find my music on every digital platform that’s available. You can also visit IPDGREENVEVO on youtube.

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