Letter to the Editor:In Medford, Goodby Columbus? ….not so fast

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I am hoping this article reaches many readers and the word spreads. This year many in our City including the School Committee ( except Kreatz) and the Mayor who is Pres of the Committee opted and voted to change the Columbus School
name on the premise that Columbus used some slaves and his crew ravaged znd raped some Indians. These acts of any sort are horrendous and allegation without VALID PROOF is worse. I am waiting to see the facts. Aside, people have varied views. I know that.

Let me add, looking at personal family acts, historic acts, Figures and buildings,
and medicine, most mutate after time. Drunkard Uncle Joe who rehabbed is not allowed visits? Flu vaccines that change each year let the founder be maligned?
Erased from books? Allowing battle among Russians and Ukraine, so oust Soviets from UN? So let it be with Columbus. During the time of its name, who has it hurt? If this continues, bad will override good, and we will snuff good. He was a genius navigator and mapped new waters in bravery benefiting students with spurring on. The leaders of the anti all group must be perfect..wanting all that way?? You will make God a lonely man. If you do not write a School Committe member, the Mayor, or Council…it will not stop.

Let us return more value and history here including a not only public but Italian voice! Not only by a 1492 Italian fleet to make progress but Medford.

Sharon Deyeso, Medford

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