Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Manuel MARROQUIN-ORELLANA (A&B, Disorderly, Resisting, Threats)

On Thursday February 25, 2021, I Officer Sergio Garcia while in full uniform was assigned to mark unit West 7, during my last half shift. At approximately 01:45 I was dispatched to 278C Powderhouse Blvd, along with Officer Justin brown(342), and Officer James Torres(329), for a report of a fight.

Once on scene I spoke to Mr. Manuel Marroquin-Orellana, who was upset and speaking loudly to Officers, stating that he was ready to fight Mr. XXXX. While I speaking to Mr. Orellana he kept looking at the door beside him as if he was waiting for another person to come outside. Mr. XXXX exited the building through a rear door, but was still seen by Mr. Orellana. Mr. Orellana then charged at Mr.XXXX and begin punching Mr. XXXX until they both ended up on the floor. At this time myself, Officer Torres and Officer Brown ran to separate the fight. I was able to pull Mr. XXXX away from Mr. Orellana while Officer Torres and Officer Brown were still trying to have Mr. Orellana remain on the floor. Mr. Orellana kept trying to force himself away from officers and was yelling he wanted to keep fighting. Mr. Orellana was then placed in handcuffs, and moved away from Mr. XXXX. While separated from Mr. XXXX, Mr. Orellana was stating that he was going to kill Mr. XXXX and that he would not care. While Mr. Orellana was yelling at Mr. XXXX, Mr. Orellana family members were outside trying to calm him. Mr. Orellana did not want any help from his family members. At this time I called for unit 200 and placed Mr. Orellana under arrest.

Respectfully Submitted,
Officer Sergio Garcia
Badge #361

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