Mayoral Candidate William Tauro’s Firm Message to Somerville Mayor and City Council

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To Mayor Joseph Curtatone and members of the Somerville City Council,

This is a direct demand from the citizens and businesses in the City of Somerville. Reopen everything now!
We have seen enough of confinement, restrictions, guidelines, that have done nothing to secure the safety of our future of operations and enjoyment of life.

The vaccinations have been available and out for months. People have practiced safe guidelines for over a year.. Social distancing, masking up is common practice. Everywhere else in other parts of the country guidelines have been recinded except for Somerville. We have eyes we can see, we have ears we can hear… The obvious reasoning behind these actions revert back to the same answer, of hurting and pushing down the public. Forcing the working class intentionally into the lower class by means of starving out mom and pop stores. After adding more insult to the intelligence of the citizens, we can read between lines and see the true intentions of forcing low purchase sales so people must sell. You and your business groups then purchase low and redevelop for top dollar amounts. If you think the people will stand for this action any longer your wrong! Open it all and move on with living. The time has come!

This is the reason that I’m running for office, I would never let this happen to my constituents. #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

William Tauro

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