Letter from the Editor:Mayor and City Council Drops Ball on Community

By William Tauro

Why isn’t Mayor Joe Curtatone, the Somerville City Councilors and Director of Office Housing Stability Ellen Shachter not informing the public and making this public, especially to the homeless population of Somerville about this city department that is there to help them?

This is a city department that is city funded so why is he not doing this to help these people especially during this crucial time in our lives during this pandemic? Why are our homeless people dying everyday and we have these tools in place to help them. Why is this director making over $100,000 per year of our hard earned taxpayers dollars and not doing her job? Where are all of our Somerville City Councilors during all of this? Why aren’t they doing the research like I am? It’s time for change! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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