Highland Ave, Let’s Save It Before It’s Too Late

By Arthur Moore

I hear that there are people who want to take one side of Highland Ave. away for a bike lane. This really needs to be stopped before it gets started.

The amount of damage to the community would be too great to even consider this. The little business that the small businesses get now is bad enough. This would just about put them out of business. People that want to go to these local businesses by car which is what most of us do would have to park on the side streets. So if you don’t have a permit you can’t stop and buy here. The crazy part is we have a bike path that runs parallel to this which is flat and very well maintained compared to the streets in Somerville. So why would anyone want to screw up Highland Ave.? Just look at it. It makes no sense. Granted there are a very small number of people that think we can go without cars. This is not true. Many of us do not have a choice even. In the future as things progress and new ideas and inventions come along I am sure there will be things to change all this. But for now this is reality. It gets harder and harder here to support small business when a number of us have mobility problems and can’t support them. We have to drive to other cities to do business as our city has businesses blocked off by having no parking. Instead of promoting our use of them they restrict us. We need to work at making things work here. The current plan is not working. Adding more non working plans is not the answer. Obviously we need to change the people in charge as they are not working for us and making our great city a place for small business and its people. We have already seen small changes really crew things up like the Winter Hill bike and bus lanes which still is the biggest problem Winter Hill has ever faced and doing anything wreak havoc in the community. We need to use some common sense here and start doing things right. We need a mayor, we need a council and a traffic department that work for the taxpayers of Somerville and small business. Now against us!

One thought on “Highland Ave, Let’s Save It Before It’s Too Late”

  1. It’s already too late. If you think this is going to happen I feel bad for you. City does what it wants.

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