The Constitution of the United States and Then There’s Somerville

By Bob Katzen

I look at this piece written many years ago. The writers did a wonderful job considering how long ago it was done. They seemed to figure everything into it that we needed to make this a great country.

I look at the part about it being a government by the people for the people and wonder how it could have gone so wrong. Somewhere along the line the people are no longer a consideration of this document. We have a system where we are to elect people to represent us. I cannot imagine there are any people who cannot see that there is no such thing anymore. Our elected officials have only one thing on their mind and it is their agenda. Not ours as our representative. I see that we should be the government as the government is for the people. We are essentially their employers and they should be working for us and taking our instructions on what to do. Obviously this is not happening. We can’t even fire them for not doing their job which is working for us. This means every time they institute something we do not want we are stuck with it. This is at every level of government. From our city of Somerville to the president of the United States. Somewhere we need to get back control of our government. Elections don’t cut it. So many of those who run can do so only because they have the money to do so. Those that may be better choices are left in the dust as they don’t have the means to fight big money. So we have a mess on our hands obviously. We don’t have to look any further than Somerville where we live to see this first hand. We have no control or input here at all. If you try to add your input as it is your city you are ignored. Since when on any job we ever worked on could you ignore your boss and get away with it? We are the boss here yet are the ignored ones. Our input and wants are ignored. This is so wrong. We need to get back the control of the government as it was meant to be. Starting at the bottom and working our way up. I have been here longer than many and I guess it just gets to me more and more each year. We have a great piece of paper and we need to get back to it. We were not meant to be run but a select few. But by all the people. We need people to get involved with this process. We need people to come out and become part of the government process. We have Billy Tauro running for mayor. He did not have to. He can get by very well without doing this. I don’t need to either. At 76 I don’t have to. I can’t stand it anymore either. We need more. We can’t ask one person to do it all. We need Somerville people to run for council. People that have been here and know the city like myself. It’s part time. At least try for one term of two years. It is not so much and is a way of giving back and helping fellow Somerville people. Just take a look at the last couple of years here and you can plainly see why you are needed here. Put the constitution to use.

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