Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: Abuse Notification – But do you care?

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Dear Councilors and Mayor Curtatone (cc Somervillenewsweekly, Wicked Local, Attorneys),

Respectfully, in case you are wondering why I cc you in my emails of late, it is because I was criticized for not telling you these problems when they happened at 21 Cherry Street.

I tried to patiently deal with that myself, and I was made out to be the problem (I was never the problem, City officials were the problem, as decided by the BCAB decision against the City).

I honestly did not think to tell you these problems, because I honestly do not think you care (that is not an attack – just my reality).

I have now presented to you problems with:
1. Abusive and Racist Inspectors (Antanavica, Driscoll, Salamone) – All my projects are obstructed – State BCAB agrees
2. Unresponsive Planners (It took me 10 months to get a meeting on 21 Cherry Street Landscaping – approved in 1 zoom meeting in December)
3. Incompetent Zoning Officers (483 Medford St, 15 Elm St, 14 Centre Street – Hans’ incompetence has obstructed housing progress for years and continues)
4. 2 Day Building Code -Failures to Inspect for weeks (ISD – 8 Kenwood, 46 Clarendon, and more)
5. 30 Day Building Code -Failures to issue permits for 6 months and counting (ISD – 10 Park Ave, 14 Kenwood, 231 Holland St, and many more).

So there it is….I am a minority that is repeatedly harmed by this City.

I don’t expect a response from any of you….but reach out if you care.


Mouhab Z. Rizkallah

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