Letter from the Editor:It Must Be Nice? City Councilman Gets Special Treatment While Seniors Dig Themselves Out Steps Away

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By William Tauro


As residents were shoveling their sidewalks this morning during the snowstorm, the city sent a mini plow to remove the snow from the sidewalk and driveway for the tenant at 65 Woods Ave where Somerville City Councilman Will Mbah rents an apartment.

You can even see the city councilman giving the plow operator directions where to put the snow. “It must be nice” to get special treatment Mr. Mbah, maybe you should start shoveling out some of the seniors around you as well? I guess some people it’s convenient for them when they take a Hypocritical oath?


Reaching out to all Somerville Residents to flood the mayor’s office today ahead of Mayor Curtatone’s State of the City address tonight with immediate calls to (617)625-6600 or to the 311 call system for Somerville Interim DPW Commissioner Jill Lathan as well as for Somerville City Councilman Wil Mbah to step down and resign after yesterday‘s breach of trust to the people of Somerville that was a major ethics violation.

DPW Commissioner Jill Lathan intentionally and knowingly it was illegal ordered a Somerville DPW plow/tractor driver to bring the tractor vehicle to the Councillor Mbah’s home and have snow removed from his sidewalk and driveway to take place at the taxpayer’s expense.

For too long now, except for my continuous reporting over the year’s, media coverage in Somerville has been blacked out as well as information regarding Somerville police reports to keep it hidden from the residents of Somerville.

The time is now for a change, so make that call to (617) 625 6600 and let your voices finally be heard!


Time for change remember in November!

6 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:It Must Be Nice? City Councilman Gets Special Treatment While Seniors Dig Themselves Out Steps Away”

  1. Just a wild speculation, but since Mbah was placed into this position by the mayor’s sister, allegedly controlled as some of the others by the mayor, let’s wager that this has been common practice with the hackarama in Somerville for decades. Apply the same type of preferential treatment to permits for their own properties, city jobs for family members, high reductions in home assessments, stealing homes of elders,, and other unethical practices. It’s time for most of the mayor’s appointed councilors to retire, move on and find another hack j ob.

    1. In my dealings with the city and the council members ignoring is a common thing. Regardless of anything I have more respect for a person who speaks up and answers than ignoring. Granted he is one I had only a little contact with and no real chance to know him. Ignoring does not make it go away.

  2. Absolutely true. The Dpw employee was made to do it by the new commissioner even though the employee told her it was a bad idea. The employee reluctantly did it fearing discipline.

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