Davis Square Somerville. The End?

By Arthur Moore

As one of Somerville’s seniors like many we have seen the days when Davis Square was a place we often went to quite often. So much to do there. Shopping of all kinds. Little by little things changed and now it is down to some shopping, dining and bars.

That is slowly being killed off by the virus. The new death knoll is the changing of parking and traffic. So many no longer go to the square due to no parking as it is. People just want to cripple it even more. But to cut off the little chance of life to the businesses in Somerville is just not right. Little by little we have watched them go. I expect many do not have or know what a small business is and how much it takes out of people to start up and run one. And not make money at it and run at a loss. We just can’t afford to keep losing them. If people just understood this then maybe they would not be so quick to destroy what little is left. Just because someone has a small business does not mean they have unlimited resources. Does anyone want to be put out of a job? That’s what this new program looks to do. Is the intent to make this a resident only city and exclude business? If so people are doing a good job of doing just that. People need to see all sides of a problem. Not just one. Already this city has hurt many seniors and handicapped people by changing parking. Not everyone can walk and bike. I am one of them so I know. I am forced to drive to other cities to shop and do things. It is not a perfect world I know. But before we jump in and do something think it out. I was brought up to care about others and in my work I have to cover many things to make sure no one or thing is left out. If you don’t help there will be nothing to go to the square for.

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