Letter from the Editor: Somerville Mayor and City Council Gouging Residents and Business Owners

By William Tauro

This past Thursday night, I went out with some of my campaign staff to support local businesses on Broadway.

I deposited sufficient money into the meter and then later came out from the restaurant to replenish it with a couple more quarters.

Don’t you know it, low and behold a parking ticket. I’m not complaining about getting the ticket, because it was from my own negligence for not putting enough quarters in the meter.

But what I am pissed about is that during this pandemic, businesses are going out of business every day. Shopkeepers are praying for consumers to do business with them. Consumers have barely enough money to survive as it is, so to discourage people from going to a local restaurant during a pandemic because this mayor and inconsiderate city Councilors gives out parking tickets no matter what is completely absurd.

Back in the day when the 
charter for the Traffic & Parking Department was formed, it wasn’t meant to be a revenue generator, it was created to serve the people’s needs. And thanks to our elected officials, they managed to fail their constituents miserably!

Shop Local, Dine Local, Remember in November! I strongly encourage residents in every ward to consider running against their city counselors and give them a run for their money!

Stop punishing the residents, stop punishing the shopkeepers. #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021forChange

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