By Bob Katzen

The Senate approved and sent to the House a bill creating a special commission to develop a comprehensive plan for promoting and celebrating the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution in 2026.

“As we approach 250 years from major milestones on the pathway to the American Revolution, we have an opportunity to celebrate our shared history, amplify under-represented voices from the time period, and drive economic activity across the state,” said sponsor Sen. Nick Collins (D-Boston). “From education, to preservation, to cultural tourism and commemorative events, the Revolution 250 organization has well researched, innovative programming and it is my hope that Massachusetts will capture this moment and take part in the celebration by forming this commission.”

“We are seeking to establish this commission to give proper credence to the celebration of our 250th anniversary that is just six years away,” said co-sponsor Sen. Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton). “In this momentous occasion, we believe that we should highlight key historical figures, and they should be celebrated for their great dedication to our nation.”

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