Let’s Close Up the Businesses In Somerville

By Arthur Moore
Our council members are at it again to make it more impossible for businesses to remain open here. Councilor Ballantyne said the Bike Committee wants to protect the bike lane on Beacon Street. Cyclists report that delivery trucks park illegally on the lane, creating a safety hazard.

Councilor Scott agreed that the Beacon Street cycle track is a safety hazard, and said the city must enforce the laws to protect the public. Councilor Niedergang noted that blocking bike lanes is a problem in Ward 5, and Councilor Ballantyne agreed to submit an order to protect bike lanes citywide. Yes, citywide.

Are the trucks going to have to drop supplies to the businesses from the sky now? Have these people not heard that this is a city and that places of business needs supplies in order to stay in business. There are things in life that sometimes require us to make a detour. No matter what mode of transportation you are using you will have obstacles.

If it is deemed unsafe it is because the person biking has to know that this is not a non stop runway. One may need to stop from time to time if an obstacle appears. As a long time biker in Somerville I have never expected to get from one place to another without stopping or going around something. That is part of life.

The stores need to survive as well. Possible the bikers need to slow down and pay attention like everyone else here in the world. We simply cannot cater to one group of people here. We have many that are part of the functioning of this city and will need to do the best we can.

I have biked and I have driven trucks to make deliveries. So I do know. The bottom line is the use of common sense and making the best of it. If I can be five minutes late because of an obstacle and do it safely so can others. Drive safely and pay attention. But penalizing delivery drivers for doing their job is not the right thing to do. So let’s get along and let everyone do what they have to. It’s a city!

One thought on “Let’s Close Up the Businesses In Somerville”

  1. What I find interesting is other parts of these streets where bus lanes were added do not fully extend the entire street and they seem to move fine. look at the East end of Broadway no parking spaces consumed by the lane and the bus gets to the Station without a problem.

    Its clear there are other reasons why areas like Winterhill are suffering its certainlly not unrelated to the Mayor using his power for his own agenda.

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