Homeless Citizens Sleeping Out In The Rain & Snow In Somerville Treated Worst Than Dogs

By William Tauro

This is Somerville senior Sandy Mallotte and her son Joe Mallotte. Sandy lives at the Clarendon Hill Towers apartment complex that’s located on Broadway. Joe is homeless and lives under a tree in a nearby Somerville park. The name of the park has been redacted so that city workers are not ordered to kick him out.

Joe is suffering from mental illness issues and is in need of medical attention. Joe has been wearing the same clothes for weeks and hasn’t taken a shower in over a month. On occasion, when he’s not kicked out, he uses his towel to go into a nearby supermarket to take a sponge bath in the bathroom stall.

Sandy visits with her son daily in the park bringing him food and continuously tries to offer her son a ray of hope. Sandy is on a limited income and has barely enough to feed herself. The housing complex that she lives in located directly across the street from where her son has to sleep exposed to the elements, does not allow Sandy’s son to enter the building where she is in a elderly housing situation. The mother tries to do what she can for her son, but she is limited by her age, health issues, her own living conditions and diminished financial circumstances of her own where she can barely make ends meet, so its just never enough. As she looks out her window every night, she visualizes in her mind, her son living out there in the rain. This is sad, very sad.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that this is Somerville Massachusetts, one of the most vibrant cities in the state situated in the United States of America, the richest country in the world, so why is this happening?

This is only one of many circumstances just like this that’s going on daily across our city. Homeless people living in the streets and under the trees behind buildings and park benches in Union Square etc. etc. etc.. Why is this happening? Why can’t we as a civilization do more for these people? Why can’t our elected officials here in Somerville make it a priority to step up to the plate and help these people?

Our elected officials here in Somerville are more concerned about spending millions of taxpayer dollars building foolish 25 foot sidewalks in Union Square, erecting high-rise condos to please developers and funding funky festivals and family owned pot shops rather than helping our homeless population, who the majority are veterans and give them the help that they need including access to mental health facilities and housing.

Why are we letting this happen? The time for change in Somerville is now! Let’s get the city on the right path and help the people who helped make this city the great city that it is today! We have to come out in numbers next November to make this change to send a clear message that we want our city back.

Please consider casting your vote for me, William “Billy” Tauro next November to make this change happen. I will work hard for you and do the right thing unlike our current administration who is openly taking advantage of our residents and business owners for their own personal and financial gain. Let’s do this!

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Memorial Day Weekend 4-Tours-of-Duty Homeless Veteran Gets Disrespected In Sanctuary City of Somerville

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