Gaviiformes Invade the Hotline to the Underground

Joe Viglione Interview

Gaviiformes, of course, are majestic loons or, to quote Wikipedia “… an order of aquatic birds containing the loons or divers and their closest extinct relatives. Modern gaviiformes are found in many parts of North America and northern Eurasia (Europe, Asia and debatably Africa), though prehistoric species were more widespread.

In this era of Google, Bing and a multitude of search engines, Gaviiformes is distinctive enough not to fall into the quicksand of the internet. The band Gaviiformes features Medford resident Matt, Brian and Ryan from North Quincy and John from Southern New Hampshire. The band was initially mostly from N.H. area but Matt says he loves living in Medford now.

What knocked me out is a YouTube video of their song entitled “The Weather. It’s fantastic. Rolling Stones from the Beggars Banquet era meets R.E.M., a delightful, sustaining five minutes and seven seconds of music that is catchy and memorable. This is such a keeper. The song takes subtle twists and turns with a chanting hook that adds the frosting on the cake. The YouTube page says where it was recorded:“98° and sunny on the Richmond Street roof, North End Boston” – cryptic from a band with lots of potential.

Their songs “Patricia,” “Empty Stall,” “Goose,” “Spank” and “Jukebox Posse” can be found on Spotify Matt tells us that the E.P. was recorded “on the Medford line in Malden by Josh Gold Productions, we produced recorded and mixed “The Weather” in Boston and Medford and will do the same for all our upcoming releases.” Josh Gold performed back in 2009 with the Adam Ezra Group and this writer interviewed him back then for a Malden weekly paper. To get our readers more acclimated to these musical Gaviiformes, I conducted an interview for the Club Bohemia nightclub website. Here it is.

Q: Is the name Gaviiformes “tunes for loons” a tribute to The Byrds?

A: It’s not although Brian is a big Byrds fan. We have John to thank and blame for our name. He thought of it while on a boat in NH. It’s the latin name for a loon and we think loons are cool. They’re really beautiful birds. Elegant. Make cool noises.

Q: Who is in the band and when did it form?

A: Matt (me), John, Brian, and Ryan. The band with the four of us formed sometime in 2018. I sing and play bass, John plays guitar, Brian plays guitar and sings, and Rhino holds it all together on drums.

Q; The Weather is catchy and well produced. Who wrote the song and where was it recorded?

A: Thank you! I wrote that song. It came together fairly quickly. I was thinking of “I Should’ve Known Better” by the Beatles and it just morphed from there. The guys all wrote the parts they play on it including a cool guitar line in the verses from John that really elevates the song. We produced and recorded it ourselves on the roof of Brians old apartment in the North End. It was a hot day 98 degrees in August.

Q:”Patricia” on Spotify is a lot more hard-rocking than “The Weather” – are they from the same session?

A: Thanks yea we love that song. Patricia was a separate session done in 2019 with our good friend Josh. If anyone reading this is looking for someone to record their music, Josh Gold in Malden is the man. Super knowledgable, super patient, cool dude.

Q:Who writes the songs in the band?

A: No one person writes the songs. A new song can come about in a variety of ways whether it be something I write, a chord progression from Brian, or a riff from John. It’s typically a very collaborative effort where everyone has their hands on the creative process.

Q:The influences seem to range from Velvet Underground to R.E.M. and the Band, which artists does this group like to listen to?

A: Wow thank you. We all love those artists you just named. Individually each of us listens to so much different music it’d be insane try and sum up but the point where the four of us come together is with blues based guitar music like 60’s and 70’s rock. Brian’s an indie rock guy, John likes folk music, Ryan and I are punkers.

Q:”Goose” is unique, fading out on rock and roll Celtic …more affinity with birds?

A: Haha thanks. So the story with Goose is, I was watching an old Red Sox highlight on Youtube and saw this pitcher on the other team striking everyone out on fastballs. He had a handlebar mustache and cool nickname Goose (Goose Gossage) I thought that was pretty cool so I wrote a song about it and thought it would funny to sing it in a real deep voice. John wrote the chord progressions and we all filled in our parts. It’s a fun song great to play live.

Q:”Spank” sounds like a revolutionary march / son of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Voodoo Chile”

A: Haha thanks. Just the fact that you’ve mentioned one of our songs in the same breadth as one the coolest songs ever means we’ve made it as far as I’m concerned. Hendrix and Winwood does it get any better? I’ve crushed many a six pack jamming to that song. Spank is cool but its no Voodoo Chile. Spank is fun its dancey and funky, its got a cool groove. Maybe someday we’ll do it again and ill write better lyrics! Haha

Q:What are the future plans in 2021 once the world emerges from the pandemic?

A: In 2021 we plan to have our first full length album out and be playing the songs in bars, clubs, and backyards all over New England. Right now we are working on fifteen or so new songs of original material and converting the space where we jam into a music studio. The plan is to self produce this album and record it mostly live off the floor like how rock records used to be made. Its been a challenge learning production techniques and all the different nuances, much less writing the actual songs but it’s definitely a labor of love and we could not be more excited to share this stuff with everyone.

Q:Anything else you’d like to say to the readers of

A: Keep supporting local artists, stay safe and we will see you soon!

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