The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Mr. Harr, Michele Tauro Nichol, Luis Rivera Nieves,

Marlene Goncalves, Caite McDonough, Mrs. DiBacco, Peter Mccallion, Krystal Nichols, Shaun March, Ariana Jackson, Jimmy Carvello, Abigail Grace, Kristine Toland Gogos, Sabrina Liberatore, Samaria Lorenzo, Edmundo Costa dos Santos, Bill Coiley, Rita Coiro, Joe Toto, Susan Carr, Joe Consolo, Nicholas Souris, Dennis Lennon, Peg Hardy Huckins, Danny Cunha, Melanie Wagner, Jimbo Fidler, Jenn Timmons, Jane Fabiano, Patrick O’Rouke, Danae Lauretano Kristiansen, Heather Templehof, Dave Moulton, Joanne Balekdjian, Paul Smith, Peter Needham, Cheryl Bertocchi, Carla Sousa, Lorraine Frisina, Debbie Soures, Julie Clough Savsovitz, Cynthia Goldberg, Dennis Cordeiro, Michael Mclaughlin, Sileka Sundy, Jerry DiGiovanni, Alice Giannoti, Jenilyn Corey, Adita Vazquez, Pamela Baker Chaves, Sheila Meehan MacEachern, Stephen Glynn, Maurizio Aceto, Bill Brown, Patricia Farrell Brosnahan, David Sidoti, Eileen Hamel Urquilla, Nancy Valentino, Colby McClintic, Joe Chiaraluce, Jim Utterback, Viciki MC, Bob Belski, Corky Messner, Kimberly Vellucci Martin, Betinha Pereira, Porch Gueese, Jennifer Davidson Hernandez, John Wallace, Rick Green, Ginny D’Orsi, Ted Meighony, Joseph Nadella and Gabriella Correia

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