Somerville Charter Updating For The People? Let’s Do It Right!

By Arthur Moore

While trying to help the people in Winter Hill it turns out that the council cannot do certain things. They have no control over the traffic department. Which to me is not right as they are the ones that should be in charge or overlooking things. I think they need to add that power to the updating of the Somerville Charter.

I am not saying they need to take it over but at least be able to jump in when it needs it.Since the traffic department head only answers to the mayor as I understand from what I was told there is nothing in check for the people. This means too few are in charge of something that affects all of us. This is not right.

I had a meeting with the whole council about this problem but between ignoring the problem and not saying anything but that they have no power over the traffic department. I don’t know if there are other things like this in the city and I am not meaning to add extra work for them but just the power to step in and right a wrong when needed or set things straight.

The mayor determines who head of traffic is and there lies the problem where no one else has the authority to do anything. This is too big to leave it for one person to make all of our decisions without our voices. Now is the time finally to get this change made.

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