The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Jenn Almeida, Charlie Rooster Toohey, Dianna Riley, David Farnell, Addison Greyham, Nancy Powers, Kevin Munger, Jimmy Delgado, Caitlyn Marie Russell, Jimbo Daviss, Erin Reilly, Nick Vro Ferragamo, Courtney Christina, Sal DiCarlo, Annmarie L. Boudreau, Donna Greland, Lauren Baino, Sean Hickey, Marie Maniscalco Hogan, Diane Cameron-Donahue, Jim McCue, Melissa Crowley Bento, Joey DiOreo, Tony Rodrigues, Rick Crosby, George Lally, Helene Maymill, Valerie Spinale, Janice Martell, Michelle Grant, John Coughlin, Charley Valera, Ron Glejzer, Steve Derany, Sal DiFusco, Paul Di Liegro, Kathy Toppi, Penny O’Connor Cummings, Krystle Foster, Susan Barry, Albie Pellecchia, Debbie Wile Diblasy, Barry Hamilton Sr, Marlene Peanuts Rodenmacher Thompson, Jill Trevisone Fabio, Catherine Mroczek, Larry Conti, Joyce Capobianco Hamilton, Marianne McCarthy Ryan, Harry Levasseur, Scott Merchant, Bill Timmons, Linda Dove Mochi, Brian Burns, Eileen St Laurent, Christopher Bremis, John Dwyer, John Gannon, Stephen Goggin, Cathy Harvey Forte, Nick Cosmo, Eileen Stearns LeBlanc, Christine Elizabeth LaPorta, Steven J Carr, Arthur Dello Russo, Michael Scali, Carole Buonopane, George Scarpelli, Happy 11th Birthday to Christopher Tauro, Happy 79th Birthday to Anthony Cota, Happy 87th Birthday to Lucy Catino, Happy Birthday Uncle Jimmy and Happy Birthday to Grandma Sheehan.

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