Somerville/Medford Speakup Line: City Covering Up Real Serious Sewer Problems

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

The reason why the city is keeping quiet about the city’s flooding problems might be because they are covering it up. Word out is the sewers are over capacity and some homeowners are dealing with back ups.

There are trucks going around the city flushing out the sewer but photos reveal there’s a lot of rocks and fallen bricks in the main sewer system. You should see what you can find out.

Please keep my name out of it so Curtaphony doesn’t get wind and fire us. I can’t wait until you get elected as mayor and straighten this city out. A report distributed in a meeting held by dpw states it would cost $5.3 billion to separate storm water from waste. The report was written in 2014. What will it cost in 2021? $20 billion?

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  1. Arthur,

    BTW, another one jumped ship. The Director of Water/Sewer just retired after only being here for 3 years. What does that tell you?

    Your comment, “Either on purpose or they do not have the people on payroll that know their business. As some are hired for other reasons”. BINGO

    People who “know their business”, and live their life by a moral compass would have exposed this and so much more. I’m sure many have tried and that’s why they leave after only 3-5 years of living or working for the city with the excuse, “I need to spend more time with family”, “I’m retiring”, I especially like this one, “we shared varied philosophies”. “hired for other reasons”…..those reasons also may come with a heavy price. I witnessed this go on in the another evil empire. The problem is toxic fiefdoms are left to work without proper oversight. One would think that even a mayor must answer to a higher power. Even the creep from Fall River was taken down for less than what goes on here. It’s got to be like the house of cards real estate of 2008 crash. Only this time there are a different cast characters involved. Politicians rely on donations and less on their constituency. It’s the game changer we didn’t have before this clown took office.

  2. Hey Tony,

    Whoever this city insider is that wrote to the editor, they deserve to be promoted but only after this loser mayor gets the boot in the upcoming election.

    The truth is, that many of the home and condo owners who suffered major losses when we had flash floodings some years ago, well that gave it away. Our sewer system is over 200 years old. They were suppose to do upgrades in the 80’s and failed to do so. For decades it was ignored. Now we are sitting on a powder keg. Cambridge has done their updates and assisted in some of ours between city lines.

    The mayor has known about this all along. He is all about self-promotion on bullshit and throws his own employees into the flames when problems arise. Some of the homeowners were invited to closed meeting at city hall during flash floodings, to discuss the damages with their lawyers in tow, and to share their experiences.

    In some cases, homeowners were faced with the entire clean up of 3-5 feet of standing sewerage in their basements. Of course, the general public is unaware of the intricate details of how and why this occurred. Plumbers who are not on that special list of contractors they’ve got hiding at city hall — no conspiracy — say that our CITY SEWER IS OVER CAPACITY due to the OVER DEVELOPMENT. No kidding. Are they hoping the feds will write them a check when the sewer reaches a point of disaster?

    Many homeowners were forced to pay thousands to fix their own sewer problems when it was actually the responsibility of the city, not owner. That’s why the yuppies who bought close to the Davis T living in basement condos along the bike path allegedly sued the city. About 50 residents attended and some spoke to the councilors who were also present, along with members of DPW who attempted to white wash the whole thing with sharing that Union Sq., would be getting a new sewer system that runs from Target to Somerville Ave., while the rest of the city gets occasional trucks that pump water from hydrants into the sewer lines which does very little to help the overall solution.

    Those who attend to this task, also take photos of the crumbling infrastructure beneath in the sewer system. Is that why they have ignored the work on our city streets and sidewalks? If the sewer system is crumbling below from fallen bricks and rubble, how long before our streets develop sink holes in the pavement? One does not have to be an engineer to know what could happen. Just ask any contractor who has been turned away or waited months for permits. When homeowners call for work, some say they refuse to do business in Somerville or are not allowed to work here. The best way to keep a criminal enterprise going is through fear and intimidation, but also containment. The less people know, the more they get away with all this shit, literally. Some of my neighbors had sewer issues and others in the neighborhood never even contacted the city. Certain DPW employees only bully homeowners into submission. We are living under modern day tyranny. Anything else you wish to dispute? Bring it on.

    This is not an isolated issue. Check out what’s going on in this town:

    Leicester’s Cherry Valley Residents Burdened by High Water, Sewer Rates
    By Spectrum News Staff Worcester County
    PUBLISHED 6:28 PM ET Aug. 25, 2020

  3. They insist on stacking and packing them in here. What do they think will happen? I believe they want to make a lot of money developing and hoping they could get out of here before we get hit with the problems it creates. This cit is well know for not thinking ahead. Either on purpose or they do not have the people on payroll that know their business. As some are hired for other reasons.

  4. this is very sad …. I have problems when it rains for the past 6 yrs in which I never had before. Now the plot thickens !!

  5. Richdale Avenue homes have been flooding for over 20 years. The mayor said he knew nothing about it last year, even though the homeowners had been calling every department at city hall trying to get help. Mayor Curcorrupty only dealt with it after he was seriously challenged in the last election.

  6. You gotta help me – I’m new to this conspiracy theory thing here. Is it that Curtaphony put the rocks and bricks in the sewer system? Or failure in leadership for not spending 5.3 billion to keep them from getting into the sewer? I need to get it right before I call into Howie Carr.

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