Reality Bites On Today’s Somerville


The issues are too complicated. This was the strategy which I have followed the past 15 years: The city is comprised of city workers who are also taxpayers and have self serving interests and conflicts. They are split into two categories: one that is called a “hack”, defined as someone who will do whatever it takes to keep their job and serve the mayor’s evil empire. 

The second are good people stuck in survival mode. They don’t like the mayor but just keep their heads down because they need their retirement. The second strategy in addition to keeping local votes, is driving up home sales to entice locals to sell and flip their homes to developers and incoming liberals who invest, and or vote if they live here. This increases voter base. 

The other issue was bringing in GLX which was Tufts benefit and abuse of eminent domain which fleeced hundreds out of their homes in Union Square, offering $200k for homes that have given developers millions when they built hundreds of condos. They also brought in Bernie’s Our Revolution to try and hijack the rest of the homeowner properties with bad policies like right of first refusal, transfer tax and that demonic rent control which would turn this place into a real cesspool of more freeloaders hiding trust funds. 

This is exactly what happened to San Francisco. They use tactics to demoralize the working class by stripping them of their income, savings and assets. What I would like to know is why hasn’t the Federal Marshalls been asked to intervene? The liberal democrats have proven themselves to be nothing more than a pack of self serving heathens who are never satisfied with how much they rob from their working class constituency. 

Even all the former mayor’s we had combined with a few exceptions was not like this. We are the laughing stock of not only the rest of the state, but the country. Even national talk radio gave a big thumbs up to Wynn’s success. What does that tell you? 

One commenter on the Savage show said, “After Wynn had that trouble in Boston, he sailed out on his 400 sq. foot yacht, $6 billion rich…..”, $17 million is nothing compared to Wynn’s success and he has more class, and real friends. The old boy network who ran this city years ago would never have allowed this jerk to do what he has done. They were not perfect, but they took care of our families, our elders and our vets.

I keep praying for a miracle or even another crash on wallstreet. Whatever it takes to destroy them financially and put them away, exile them from our city once and for all.

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