Somerville Neighborhood Up In Arms Over Politically Motivated Development

By William Tauro

Neighbors abutting 24-44 Broadway are up in arms over a proposed development that they believe is sneaking past through the cracks with political motivated involvement and that the developers are ignoring the neighborhood’s concerns. The project is said to take up the entire block from the former Boulter Plywood building to the Taco Loco Mexican Restaurant.

The proposed development will consist of a 91 unit building with 25 parking spots in total.
Neighbors that reside on George Street are concerned that they will lose much needed parking spots because of the development’s entrance to the parking will be on George Street eliminating the current parking spaces.

The building is proposed to be 70’ tall, that abutting neighbors are concerned the it will definitely overshadow neighboring their homes and especially a 3 family home on George Street directly nextdoor to the development.

Also employees of the Taco Loco Restaurant just down the street are constantly seen dumping trash In the parking lot. Neighbors told us that “they watch the restaurant’s employees use that dumpster still even though their restaurant is located at 50 Broadway, quite a distance away from the proposed development.”

We were also told that “neighbors keep complaining but no one listens.” They believe that “city inspectors care, but don’t take any action because due to fear of losing their jobs to political retaliation.”

They told us that they “believe that the former Ward 5 Alderman/Developer/Attorney and the Mayor are heavily involved in the development as silent partners.”
Neighbors told us that the group are exploring options of litigation court to obtain an injunction.

This story is still developing…

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