Letter from the Editor:Somerville Mayor Hiding Unlawful Arrest

By William Tauro

Shame on you Mayor Joseph Curtatone for stalling this case for one year that happened in October of 2019 and you’re getting to it now, disgraceful!

During a domestic dispute the police officer, who also is the Somerville Police Union President told the wife of a domestic dispute call to get in her car and leave. The wife’s car was being blocked in by her husbands car. The police officer ran the husband’s license over the radio and noticed that it was in suspended status, but then sneakily told the husband to move his car out onto the street so the wife can move her car out and leave. As soon as the husband moved his car onto the street as instructed, the officer handcuffed the husband and said you’re under arrest for driving with a suspended license. Then the cowardly officer pepper-sprayed the handcuffed husband and threw him into the patty wagon.Mayor Joe Curtatone allegedly tried to hide it from the public because of an upcoming election and here we are today one year later! And Joe wants to run for Massachusetts Attorrney General! Time for change in Somerville!

Click on link below to see WHDH 7News video footage:

Police release video of Somerville cop allegedly pepper-spraying handcuffed suspect – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

3 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Somerville Mayor Hiding Unlawful Arrest”

  1. Looks like another lawsuit among the long list still growing. Hopefully, this will be investigated and exposed for all to see. Why did this happen? Sounds like another revenge scenario. Can we have a show of hands on how many people this administration and most specifically the mayor has tried to destroy by character assassination and their financial well being?

  2. Today it’s the AG position, tomorrow it’s the Governor’s. He has no chance for any political advancement based on his driving our city into the gutter. Someone should blow the whistle on that preferred contractor list they have hiding at city hall aka house of horrors. The homeowners/taxpayers have the right to hire whomever they choose for work needed to their homes and not be subjected to fines, strong armed into hiked services they don’t need and shoddy contractors who are all friends of the mayor! This is not the Somerville we signed up for!

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