Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Tyler BAKER (B&E Motor Vehicle)

On October 1, 2020, I was patrolling area East 2 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 4:00 AM, I was dispatched to 259 McGrath Hwy.

(Mercedes-Benz of Boston) for a check condition of a male party in a vehicle located in the parking lot. East 3, Ofc. McLaughlin, and East 1, Ofc. Cleary, responded as well.

Up arrival, we made contact with a delivery driver, XXXX, who pointed out a male party inside a white Mercedes MA Reg. XXXX. We approached the vehicle and asked the male party, later identified as Tyler Baker, if he was ok and if this was his car. Baker replied that it was not his vehicle. He was then ordered out of the vehicle, placed into handcuffs, and pat frisked. I asked Baker if he worked at Mercedes and he replied that he did not. When I asked him why he was in the vehicle he stated “that he was around” and “I’m here”. I asked him to further clarify what that meant, but he became uncooperative.

Inside of the vehicle various items had been tossed around. As we were waiting for the transport wagon, Baker bent over and a large amount of change fell out of his pocket while stating “would you look at that”. I asked Baker if that was his and if he wanted us to pick it up so he could have it. He refused to answer. The change was collected and entered into evidence.

Baker was transported in unit #200 by Ofc. Ramirez to Somerville Police headquarters and booked in the usual manner by Lt. DeOliveira.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christine Bork #327
Somerville Police Department

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