Somerville Voters Need to be Respectful

By Arthur Moore

We are heading into the national election just one month away. People just need to get away from the hate. Many hate one side and many hate the other side. This is not a way to live. We never were like this. If we lost it was a just a part of life.

One side is going to win, that’s how it is. But hating a fellow person is just not the right thing to do. It works in the opposite as well. You may not like it as well as me. But are you willing to lose a friend over it? People are. Do we have to go out and destroy? It won’t make a difference.

People pretty much have made up their minds. It may be a choice of party, or maybe they are voting for the person or trying to figure out who the lesser of the two evils are. This hate accomplishes nothing. Many are afraid to say who they want for fear of retribution. The same as they can’t display like others their signs. As they will be stolen and sometimes hate graffiti is used.

This year seems to be worse, with people home now due to the virus and for many causing a difficult struggle to survive. I am not telling you who to vote for, that will done by the people. And for the many who do not vote it is such a large number it may well have made a difference.

If you don’t vote don’t complain about who you got. You just helped out them there. Please, think about it. Let’s act civilized.

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