Letter from the Editor:Mayor Curtatone Breaking His Own Rules Again On Social Distancing In Somerville



By William Tauro

Apparently under Mayor Joe Curtatone’s rules as you can clearly see in these photos that it’s ok to have a hockey tournament in Somerville with no masks or social distancing at the Somerville Hockey rink with multiple out of state plates on vehicles parked everywhere from NY and Michigan.

Now let’s get one thing straight,  I’m 100% totally for the youth in the city and for the competition of sports to resume, but when the current mayor prohibits any social gatherings especially social gatherings with which children are involved, it takes it to a different level and raises concerns.

As you can clearly see in these photos that were taken at this hockey rink that’s located on Somerville Avenue this past Saturday morning of October 3rd,  two youth hockey teams practicing no social distancing practices at all. Also in the parking lot were multiple out-of-state plates on vehicles from multiple states.  Is this all being allowed and just taking place because maybe Mayor Joe overlooked it or is it maybe because one of his sons plays hockey there as well? Are these cars and players from red states and/or traveling through red infected states of high risk to come play in Somerville?

Like I said at the beginning of this article,  I am totally 100% for youth recreation and I am 100% for us to going on and living our lives, but Mayor Joe,  it’s either on or off, you can’t have both.  There’s no picking or choosing in this world especially during a declared pandemic where you have personally circumvented the governors guidelines and closed down most of our city just for personal satisfaction and maybe for personal gain again but who knows,  it’s do or not do!

One thought on “Letter from the Editor:Mayor Curtatone Breaking His Own Rules Again On Social Distancing In Somerville”

  1. Maybe the emperor wants to catch covid so he can get some more free press .Anything to get his mug in the spotlight. Its working for the president.

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