Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Marco ELLISON (ASSAULT W/DANGEROUS WEAPON)

On Wednesday August 19, 2020, I, Officer Matthew Khoury was patrolling in marked unit East-3. At approximately 7:33 P.M., I was dispatched to McDonalds at 14 Mcgrath Highway for a report of a male threatening another male with hot water and a knife, East-4 Officer Lambert was also dispatched. Upon arrival, officers were met by the reporting party/victim XXXX. XXXX stated, while inside McDonalds waiting for his Uber Eats order, an unknown dark skinned male started yelling at him. XXXX said, he ignored the unknown male in hopes that he would leave him alone but the male continued to yell at him and said that he was going to throw his drink at him which was hot water. The unknown male eventually left the restaurant. XXXX then picked up his order and went out to car in the parking lot. XXXX said, he placed the food on the passenger side seat then walked over to the drivers door. XXXX was looking at his phone to see where he was going to be taking his order when he heard the same male yelling, “come here nigger”. XXXX noticed the male was running towards him with a knife in his hand. XXXX ran back into McDonalds to hide and call the police, the unknown male never went back inside McDonalds.
While officers were talking to XXXX, the unknown male was walking out of the drive thru and towards McGrath Highway when XXXX said, ” I think that’s him”. Officers approached the male later identified as Marco Ellison and asked if he had been in McDonalds. Ellison saw XXXX and asked if we were stopping him because of that “punk”. Ellison admitted to yelling at XXXX inside of McDonalds because he was standing too close to him. Ellison said he left the restaurant and nothing happened after that. After a pat frisk of Ellison, a multi purpose folding tool equipped with multiple knives was located in his front left pants pocket which will placed into evidence.

Due to the above mentioned events, I placed Marco Ellison under arrest for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. Ellison was transported via 200, Officer D. Lambert, back to the Somerville Police Station and booked in the usual manner by Sgt. St. Hillaire.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Matthew Khoury #316

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