Be a Sharp Voter from Joe Lynch

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Neighbors, August 17, 2020

We are in unusual times, this is certain, but that may be the only certainty we have before us. Many of us are frightened for our health, stunned at the squandering of our wealth, and worried about the very structures that support Democracy.
I am too, but I have hope.
I have hope in our elections.
This year the choice is not whether to vote, but how we’ll cast our ballot. As individuals we’ll be able to vote in person at the polls, or by using the U.S. Postal Service or by making the trek to drop off the completed ballot at City Hall. As a community, we’ll come together to vote for candidates who are thoughtful, honest, and will govern with our best interests in mind.
As our late neighbor Tip O’Neil warned us, all politics is local, so I seek your attention for the Massachusetts State Primary, Sept. 1.
It was an honor to be represented in the 27th Middlesex District by Denise Provost, who championed Somerville on Beacon Hill for all those years. She is genuine, thoughtful, honest and has always put our interest first. She worked on big picture issues like climate change, addiction, social justice and government transparency but brought a focus to those issues that were local – ensuring housing was equitable, that elections were fair, that Somerville got its due share of state funds. I am deeply grateful for her service and wish her well in her retirement.
Hers is a big legacy to follow, so we must choose wisely when voting for a new state representative. After careful thought, I’m asking you to join me in voting for Catia Sharp for
State Representative from the 27​ Middlesex District.
Sharp has the qualities I first saw in Rep. Provost 25 years ago. She is honest, progressive, thoughtful, and puts the district’s needs first. She has a grasp of the big picture but also knows the work we will require of her on Beacon Hill.
Now is not the time to hesitate to act. We have all learned the lessons that every single election counts, and I don’t want you to count yourself out. None of us can afford to sit out an election — the stakes are too high.
Vote for Sharp in the Primary Sept. 1, and then in November, vote Sharp, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November. May we all celebrate their victories for the new year!
Stay safe,

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