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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Lindsay DiPasquale, Sandy Hart, Debbie Andella, Briana Rodrigues, Helen Martino Mccallum, Chris Gaboriault, Philip Joseph Russo, Kathie Strozzo, Stephan Mitrano, John Delgado, Chuck Nease, Rick Ster, Celeste Hedequist, Greg Vendetti, Steven Levine, David Finiani, Marco Nicolo Abruzzese, Robert Duquet, Brian Orr, Nic Nac Nicole Desrochers, Annette McGloun, Michael Ring, Jesse Segovia, Rob McCarthy, Ivonete Sousa, Theodore Menounos, Eileen McMahon Woods, Willy Medeiros, Kim Gentile, Romell King, Al Nevaras, Danielle Scrima, Mark Febbi Sr., Chris McLean, Amy Long, Carol Toomey, Maninder Singh, Debbie Mains,. Joanne Mason, Mike Trifone, Cailin White, Michaela Nargi, Marco Nargi, Joseph Baldasaro, Jim Reilly, Vanessa Zappala, Shannon Henry, Brittany Gamst, and Happy Birthday to Rosa DeMaria

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Processed with MOLDIV

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