Time for Our Local Politicians to go to Work Vacation is Over


By Arthur Moore
Last week as I was driving around in New Hampshire with my brother I got a chance to look at the places that are reopening. It appears to me as a non-expert that they are doing a pretty good job of it so far. The store is our only allowing a small amount of people in and it is less than what they are asking for as many people are just not going out yet. But it did look good that they are allowing businesses to do at least something I am sure they usually do more. We saw some sub shops and they were doing a really good business but more of a car hop level business as the insides were kinda small so they just didn’t have customers come in. The restaurants were doing takeout but you could sit in but was very limited in the amount of people they were serving. Some restaurants weren’t open yet. As far as people go it was about the same as here that some people did not wear a mask but most did. Around the world they are doing similar things looking around the web. You would think in this state and city we have enough people in office that could be putting together some of this stuff. And they really should have started a couple of weeks ago at least if not more putting together ideas start in them seeing how they work out may be doing one type of business at a time. Granted we need to be safe but at the same time we need to be working towards our future. This is a great country and were very innovative and it’s time to be using that. Granted I am not an expert but just looking at the ideas being used in the common sense approach it looks like a good place to start. It may not make much of a dent on the economy but at the same time it’ll help to give us even more ideas on get more things going. Preparing to reopen the economy in city should be right up there after the safety of the people. But plan to send put things in place should already have been started and should be going now. I don’t see the council members doing a thing at this moment and they are is no reason they can’t be out working on this talking to the business people and the health department and put in ideas together and implement and some things that would help. We just can’t sit here and wait and magically expect things to happen. We have our governor and mayor pretty much just every day get their faces in the news and repeat the same message and pretty much say nothing. Most of it is about testing which doesn’t seem to accomplish much is we all know it’s pretty inaccurate so we can even get good figures to work with. Many people haven’t been tested three times to get some kind of accurate reading. It’s time for highly paid elected officials to roll up pastorate sleeves and get out and do something. Many great things have come out of some oval over the years let’s try and be up first on this one. Many of us have given up a lot to make it safe for other people it’s time for our elected officials to step in too.

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