Somerville News Weekly Special Person of the Week:Peter Fantasia

photo:CBS News

Meet this week’s “Special Person of the Week:Peter Fantasia

103 Year Old WWII Veteran Gets Long Overdue Recognition

Peter Fantasia, a former Somerville mechanic who worked in his family owned Somerville business, General Auto Service that was located on McGrath Highway is a war hero.

Peter who is now a 103-year-old WWII veteran finally received the long overdue recognition that he deserves!

Peter Fantasia told CBS News that he “has spent his life thinking of himself as an ordinary American. But one terrifying night in France in 1944, when the young Army medic crouched down in a foxhole as German artillery shells fell around him, he proved to be anything but ordinary.”

“God said ‘Peter, do your job.’ So my feet take me the hell out of my hole. I went from one hole here, gave them medicine, a shot, bandages,” Fantasia said.

CBS News posted “It’s not clear how many lives he saved that night. The next day, the Germans captured him and he spent the next six months as a prisoner of war.”

Our hats are off to his true Somerville spirit!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute

you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.



To read full article  please go to: 103-year-old WWII veteran Peter Fantasia finally gets the recognition he deserves – CBS News



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