Winter Hill Somerville and Old Movies

By Arthur Moore

How else do you compare this? In my 70 years here I thought it’s a wonderful life was a great movie and enjoyed it. Not quite a Somerville story for the most part at least in my time. I was never a cartoon guy but I was aware of them. Got stuck watching some from time to time with my son or my sisters growing up. What I am leading into is one that is a cartoon and has become Somerville now. I am guessing most know it. Called How the Grinch Stole Christmas. How else could you possibly explain how the businesses on Winter Hill feel this year? Sort of like waiting for Santa. Waiting each day to see if they are going to have a Christmas. No word from the higher authorities to see if they will live to see another day. Now in order to survive they will have to take after the Scrooge movie and tighten their belts. Less jobs, no pay raises, just decreases. Probably wishing for the ghost of Christmas past when they had a life. I guess that is why I liked the old movies, the outcomes were far better. Guess I will head off to Saint Mary’s and say a few good words for them.

On a side note, I know it’s a pain to come to Winter Hill now but let’s try and give these people a little help and some business for the upcoming holidays. They have been hurting for months now and some of them have been here for the community over the years. Time to give back. And for the new ones too who have been hit the hardest by this.

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