Somerville Congratulates Community Police Officer Anthony Manzelli On His Retirement

Our best wishes to Community Police Officer Anthony Manzelli on his retirement. Officer Tony is the most honest, caring and compassionate officers the SPD has ever worked with and the same goes when he is off duty. Tony is an extremely humble man and possess qualities truly admirable in a person. Tony is thrilled to open this new chapter in his life by celebrating with his family and friends. Tony’s friendship and influence in this department over the years can only be summed up by the stories police and neighborhood residents share. He is one of the best community police officers this SPD has ever had and we wish him all the best on his retirement. Thank you for your 32 years of service as a police officer in the City of Somerville. Take care of yourself Tony, enjoy your retirement!

7 thoughts on “Somerville Congratulates Community Police Officer Anthony Manzelli On His Retirement”

  1. Ofc Manzelli has been a warm and thoughtful presence in the neighborhood for a long time – always open to a conversation, always looking for ways to help the people and city he loved. He will be missed, and whoever is assigned to be Ward 2’s community police officer will have big shoes to fill.

    Thank you for your service, Ofc Manzelli! Congratulations again on your retirement.

    -JT Scott, Ward 2 Councilor

  2. Tony congratulations on your retirement. I miss Somerville and your brother George who would of made a big impact in politics. Tony, What are your plans for retirement and do you still live in Somerville?

  3. Tony you are Somerville congrats on your retirement I hope you enjoy every day. Thank you for your service to our community.

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