4 thoughts on “The Broadway Somerville Bus/Bike Lane Disaster”

  1. 64 people spoke at the meeting. All but two (a small business owner and someone who takes the bus through Somerville) gave Somerville addresses as residence.

    Of those, 43 (or 67%) spoke in support of the bike lane, and 21 (or 33%) against. The 43 people included parents, students, commuters, older people, bus riders, people who bike, walk and people who drive. So, you can continue to believe bizarre conspiracy theories, or you can begin to embrace the fact that 67 percent of your neighbors – fellow Somerville voters, residents, tax payers and road users – like these changes.

  2. The meeting went the way I thought it would. Everyone got to say what they wanted in two minutes. Hard to tell yet if we got through to them at all yet. I have dash cams already. I have been hit by more bikes than cars. I got hit on Temple street walking to Rite Aid from the back on the sidewalk. I have biked for over 50 years here and have never done anything like that to anyone. Just no common sense anymore. I got the feeling last night that no one gives a dam about our local business people. They could care less. They need a wake up call. One day wake up and find you have to live on 75% less from now on.

    1. How was the meeting last night? The ongoing attempt of hostile takeover of our city roads by many traffic violators on 2- wheels is a complete embarrassment. How does this group of shameless politicians remain in office? Check the donor list and see how many parents of monied out of town cyclists are looking for rent controlled condos subsidized by taxpayers. Ask law enforcement to produce statistics with names of traffic offenders arrested on multiple DUIs, vehicular homicide, failure to obey traffic laws, including red lights. How many refuse to provide identification when detained by police after committing these crimes? How many accidents and deaths have they caused? Pedestrians and motorists, killed, injured, while speeding into crosswalks and driving lanes. Insurance claims filed involving reckless cyclists? How many times does mommy and daddy trustfund children need to be bailed out? Here’s your answer EXPOSE. Get the mobile cameras and dash cams ready, take photos and videos, put them up on social media.

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