Restore Broadway Winter Hill to Reduce Pollution and Safety Petition

Arthur Moore started this petition to City of Somerville MA

Restore Broadway in Winter Hill by removing red bus lanes and restoring parking back to it’s original state. Repainting of street to black to avoid confusion. Also move car lanes back to the sidewalks afterwards marking new bike lanes.

The current condition is causing many car accidents, road congestion resulting in increased more car idling which is increasing the air pollution. Also creating hazardous conditions by making it unsafe for cars coming out of side streets.

More blocking of intersections. Loss of business as parking was taken away from in front of walk in businesses. Resident parking loss forcing citizens to drive around on side streets looking for parking. Lots of confusion of where to go due to confusion of street markings making a hazardous situation. Plus increase of aggressive and illegal driving to get around the area now.

Also we have more accidents which are more destructive now. Traffic backups are now much larger than before. It needs to be changed now before Winter to restore safety and sanity to Broadway. We care, the citizens of Somerville who employ you.

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8 thoughts on “Restore Broadway Winter Hill to Reduce Pollution and Safety Petition”

  1. I now have over 800 signatures in about 4 days. Maybe now city hall will listen I hope. I am going over to Broadway and Temple street shortly about 10 am. I am hoping this week we can get some kind of real positive response from the city. If not we will decide on some kind of protest depending on what people want to do. I am told this is the person who is in charge of traffic for the city of Somerville.
    Brad Rawson call 617-625-6600 at ext 2518 HE would be the person to complain to and also the mayor. I am told our counsel members have no say in this. But we the taxpayers should have a say.

  2. Well how about a day and we all drive our cars slowly from Sullivan Square through Bway to Trum Field and do it slowly beeping our horns with signs etc.

    Or lets all get out our bikes and slowly do the unused bike lane during rush hour. The latest laws state that bikes have the right of way lets get Councilor Needle Dick and the rest of the wing nuts and we will walk our bikes in the bus / bike lane.

  3. This is one of those learning things for me. Painting was the first thing we all wanted but since some talks started I had hoped we were going to be able to do this nicely. I have 2 different suggestions for a protest that may be used if nothing happens quickly. We are not waiting for 2 years to go by. I know about the ones blocking the highway and also the Boston ones where they think putting their hands on police officers is fine. I am going to see if city hall gets back to me this week with anything before going to the next level. And it is near election time also and this problem may influence voters hopefully if that what it takes. I will post a list of helpful ones and not so helpful depending on how things go before election day so people will know if anyone is trying to do their job and work for the people whose city it is. One note, they say it illegal to paint the street. Don’t see how when it is our street. This is not graffiti. Thanks.

  4. Arthur it was suggested that peaceful demonstration similar to the civil disobedience that blocked route 93.

    I would think since the Mayor thought that it was acceptable by the wing nuts blocking a major highway.

    He would understand the importance of one held by people who are negatively impacted by something in the location where it is.

    Thats better than painting the newly painted bus lanes and likely getting arrested. I would think after one winter those lanes will not be legible and look like shit by spring.

    1. Another way is to go to and put in a search for Broadway Somerville if the link does not work for you.

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