Somerville Speakup Line:Arthur Moore’s Fight To Help Residents of Somerville Remove Bus/Bike Lane

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,


I did not expect to have one so soon. Before I start I would like to ask if anyone has any advice on how to get the petition to work and how to force the city to work for us in getting this matter solved. My email is in the original posting here. Thanks very much.

Not even 24 hours yet and 300 signatures. People are really ticked off about this. I am approached everywhere I go now about this. I have had a few contact me that they wish they could sign but were afraid of repercussions. I understand this.

I had emails from some of our counselors. They were sympathetic to the cause and had some suggestions and info.

I talked on the phone to 2 people in the traffic department. They are going to solve the problem by retiming the lights. They are going to have more police enforcement. I am sure in traffic times that will create more of a traffic problem as I have already heard.

Other cities have this so we will learn how to adapt. People will find other ways to get around it. I tried to make them understand about the poor nail salon and they said they can park at the old star.

Point is mobility. I can barely make that trip due to mobility issues. Lots of older people do go to have pedicures more to get their nails cut as they can’t. They just started and need the parking in front. My point is the city is not very concerned or helpful about small business.

Anyone like myself that starts out it is normally very difficult and you really make nothing to start with. Then to have the city screw you once you get open in a new multiuse building. Shame on them.

The point made from them is we will just have to get used to it and find other ways around it. There were those 2 accidents reported in the paper, there was another on October 2ndnear the PO. I went online to see how many are reported and the city site I found is a year behind. So I can’t tell how many since this mess started.

I plan on being at Temple and Broadway Sunday the 6th. I don’t expect I will try painting Broadway at that moment like I would like to as I want to try to see if I can accomplish this the so called proper way.

This morning early more people are now using the red lanes. I have had several people tell me they are going to use them on purpose and they don’t care if they get fined. I can understand this. Seeing them use the red lane this morning it certainly did help cut down on the traffic at the top of the hill going to McGrath.

Sorry, I tried to keep this short and get the point across and the latest on the people of Somerville fight against their employees.

5 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:Arthur Moore’s Fight To Help Residents of Somerville Remove Bus/Bike Lane”

  1. After all of this do anything get done in city with mayor see he don’t care make sure you don’t vote for him when go to vote this year

  2. The problem is not just this traffic nightmare. The problem is we have a crew of sneaky and arrogant councilmen like Neidergang that are wringing every penny out of people in this city with no accountability.

    You can’t touch a tree on your own property. You can’t repave your own driveway. You can’t drive down a street. You can’t fix up your house or rent it at a fair price. And they’ve raise your taxes by thousands as a thank you.

    And they sneak this stuff through because they know most regular people are too busy working to fight it. Vote the weasels out before it’s too late.

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