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To all our valued readers and sponsors,

Over the past three and a half years we here at the Somerville News Weekly have fallen victim to political retaliation and retribution that has caused us to take an ongoing financial beating every year.

To produce a weekly newspaper every week comes with a tremendous price tag attached to it and newspapers rely on sponsors and subscriptions to make it happen. 
This administration here in Somerville is doing what it does best which is ‘Extort and Squeeze’ people in which he has attempted to do so for years against us and sponsors, but we won’t fall to that crap, we fight back. 

They have tried without success to silence us politically through sponsorship intimidation. They continue to intimidate our retail sponsors who advertise with us as well as public city legal advertisers via political intimidation (bullying).

This political intimidation to our advertisers not to advertise with us is also trickled down to multiple appointed city department heads within their administration including the city clerk with hopes to silence us from reporting the true facts and public corruption that we uncover and report to you everyday locally and state wide.

As you can see we don’t just sit there and let it happen, we hit them back with a full bombardment of true actual facts that they have never seen the lights of that sends them into a tailspin. 

We sincerely want to thank all of our retail and some municipal sponsors that have remained with us through it all and for not being intimidated by these vicious bullies.

Also a big shoutout goes out to the cowardly bunch of puppets that have carried out the administration’s orders and abandoned us once we reported the truth about what we uncovered. These cowards are actually part of the problem so we hope that the door didn’t hit they’re asses on the way out.

These hired guns repeatedly attempted to sway us to alter the truth and to back off.
Not happening!

Therefore we’ve recently partnered with an online internet based gateway company to compensate for our losses and to continue to bring you the true unfiltered news everyday as it becomes available to us.

Together, as a Somerville News Weekly subscriber, your paid subscription will now allow us the ability to continue to explore new ideas and deliver you the real local news through innovative reporting. We deliver the real unwatered down version of what’s really going on with nothing ever sugarcoated, just true factual news with no filter that is important for you the citizens to know to make a difference.

All of our content is information that will affect your every day life today, tomorrow and in the future as most elected officials tend to hide this from you and definitely don’t want you to know.

Again, our pledge is to deliver you the absolute truth with factual unwatered down news with no filters as we always do.

We have no obligation to any elected officials nor any special interest groups. Our only obligation is to you, our valued readers.

The days of sneaky politicians sneaking things in without the residence knowledge are over while we’re in town!

Best regards,
The Somerville News Weekly / Boston News Group/ Mass Publishing

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