Somerville News Weekly’s Special Persons of the Week:The Staff of the Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge

By Ronald Tauro

Photo above:Ginny Schultz Receptionist Spaulding Hospital Cambridge

Ginny has been working at Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge for over 11 years. She is primarily the evening switchboard operator. Everyone knows Ginny and she is loved here. Ginny is so kind and friendly and helpful she will do anything she can to assist patients, visit and employees. She is truly like a close friend or family member to so many people. I found a few other fun facts: We will call her  Ginny but of course that is a nickname for Virginia and she was actually born in Virginia on Virginia Street. Plus she is an expert knitter and makes amazing winter accessories.

The Spaulding Hospital Cambridge is ready to help you rebuild and become your best self. At Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care Cambridge they have a unique ability to meet the complex needs of you, their patients, through medical and rehabilitative care. Their on-site clinical expertise and innovative programs enable them to care for patients with multiple medical problems. Through their affiliation with the Spaulding Network, they built a reputation for superior outcomes with their patients often achieving more than thought possible.

They know this is not anyone’s journey. It’s yours. That’s why their clinicians work closely with you, your loved ones and your referring physician to develop a treatment plan just for you. Their goal is to get you back to the most independent living environment as quickly as possible. Their dedicated staff use a team approach to help you reach your recovery goals successfully through an outcome-oriented approach to care.

Our hats are off to his true Somerville and beyond spirit!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.


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