Somerville Speakup Line:What Has Happened To Our Somerville?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I have been in and out of the Hospital for 2 months now. I am currently Driving down Broadway from Central St to McGrath Highway.

What a traffic disaster, ONE LANE. Who’s Idea was this Bus/Bike Only Lane. Name Please? Who is paying for it? I hope my taxes are not. I cannot use it so I should not pay for it.

Here’s an Idea! How about more Handicap spaces for the residents in Davis Square and all the squares. We are not a young only city. Davis Sq. ONE in front of Dunkin Donuts. Getting into the CVS is a parking nightmare. More on the Main roads in the squares are needed. We shop too!

I cannot wait to retire to move out of this city. I am the 4th generation Somervillian out of 6 generations.

I am a Proud Resident of Somerville, Schooled at St Ann’s, Northeastern Jr. High and the Somerville High School. Where learning and Friendships have lasted me my adult life. I find it difficult to say that now. I went to Somerville High in the 70’s when other people from other Cities and towns referred to us as Slummerville. I remained Proud.

The City has change with the times, some good some bad, but what about the residents who live here? I feel more is done for the people who pass through the City who do not pay the taxes. Why should Mass Transit and Bicyclists get there own lane. At least the Buses respect the Same Road Same Rules. Let’s make the Bicyclists do the same. Put an officer at major intersections and ticket them for not obeying the Laws of the Road.

Please give me more information. If my opinion is wrong let me know.

Jeanne C.

8 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:What Has Happened To Our Somerville?”

  1. What about me..who was left sitting at Somerville Hospital from 7pm-10:30pm..because an ambulance wouldn’t come and bring me home to Jeanne Jungan Residence on Highland Ave which would be a 7 minute ride. I am 82 years old…and was there because I had fallen. What about me?

  2. those on bikes should have to have a license. And register their bike. And of course obey traffic rules like everyone else.
    Yesterday I saw a woman on a bike nearly hit an elderly woman crossing in a crosswalk with the walk light. The bike rider had a helmet on the elderly woman in the cross walk did not.

    Yes the city in congested – but let’s please have some respect for one another for safety sake.

  3. The bus lane isn’t only for people passing through. And, as someone who crosses McGrath and Broadway on foot during rush hour, I can assure you cyclists aren’t the only ones who refuse to obey traffic laws. I’m tired of those of us who don’t drive being pitted against those who do, and worse, treated as thought we’re less than. We all want to get where we’re going safely and in a reasonable amount of time. Encouraging more people to not drive will, in fact, reduce traffic for those who need/want to drive.

    Finally, as someone who pays taxes for loads of things I don’t use, the argument that you shouldn’t have to pay for a lane of road you don’t use is not reasonable. We’re all in this together.

    1. Many of us have no choice but to drive. This is about the dumbness of the roads. Aggressive driving is also a problem here and getting worse. This is a city where the amount of cars here gets bigger every year. We have added about 8000 more vehicles to this city in the last 10 years. I am not an expert but I believe the problem is city planning. If we could plan the city more like the 50’s where we had all we needed at hand we wouldn’t have to depend on cars so much. But that is not going to happen here. As someone who used to be able to walk I find that is like playing Russian roulette now to cross a street. I am on the road a lot here and I don’t know why there are not more accidents. I see so many near misses it is incredible. The only real solution which no one will like is to hit people in the pocketbook. Planning the city for no cars has passed it’s chance. We needed more supermarkets and stores within walking distance. No one uses common sense to work out the solution. Look at Assembly. You would have thought a big supermarket would have been one of the first things to figure out how to add to the development. But no. How many will be driving to get food and so forth from this planned community? We need some sanity here.

  4. The “Progressive Liberals” aka Socialists have taken over Somerville. It is now their Somerville, not ours. It is going to get worse in Somerville.

  5. You are not the only one that feels that way l been in the city and own my house for 47 years now the city is not for older people and families the mbta only pays the bus stop not for the hold street l thing it is the people that the mayor hire just getting out of college with big idea out of control before we leave the city we need vote all city officials out of office need the my mayor is now thinking of rent control just what the owner need tax’s going up and water bills going up next to 13’5 per cent boy l think he is running us out of town

  6. Nothing wrong with your opinion. Biggest problem is having elected officials who can do their job working for all of us. Problem is the quality of the ones that run are not qualified for the job. Trying to be nice. Looking at the new ones coming in it is just going to get worse here. They need a course in common sense. Out of the bunch here I only know of one I think is decent and honest. And I am also looking forward to leaving here and have started the process. I had expected to live my life here. Now it is unbearable to stay here any longer.

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