Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jeffrey LEFOY (Receive Stolen MV) & Crystal CLIFFORD (Receive Stolen MV, MV Charges) (BPD Warrants)

On the above date and tiime, while on routine uniformed patrol in Car E-4, operating a marked police cruiser, I was dispatched to #XX Moreland St, to speak with the RP (XXXX of XX Moreland St. Somerville, Ma.) regarding the actions of a Crystal Clifford (defendant), that could possibly be breaking into his residence. Mr. XXXX stated that Ms. Clifford was throwing rocks at the windows and trying to break into the house. He also stated that she is in a stolen M/V somewhere in the area of Jacques St and the Healey School. Upon my arrival, with the assistance of Car E-1 Off. Scrugli, Car E-3 Off. Hartsgrove, and Car E-2 Off Bork, I spoke with the RP, Mr. XXXX. Mr. XXXX began telling me a set of circumstances regarding Ms. Clifford’s actions around his house. As he was relaying the info to me, his cell phone started to ring. He stated that the defendant was riding around the area in a Stolen M/V and it was blue in color. I asked how he came about that info and he stated that “Crystal told me”. She wanted him to meet her in this area. He stated that she was looking for some money in order to purchase controlled substances. When his phone started ringing, he told me that it was the defendant calling him. He answered the cell phone in my presence. The voice on the other end was a female. Mr. XXXX referred to the female as “Crystal”.

He connected the call in the Speaker On mode. He initiated the conversation with “Where are you? Crystal, what are you doing?”. She followed up with “I’m over here by the school. I’m in a stolen car. You didn’t call the cops on me, did you? I’m coming by, stay there.” He stated “No, I didn’t.” It was at this point, I observed headlights coming from my right (East). As the vehicle approached the intersection of Moreland and Meacham Sts., I observed a female operating the vehicle. Once the female (defendant) observed me speaking to Mr. XXXX, she immediately turned right on to Moreland St and headed north toward Mystic Ave. Mr. XXXX stated to me “That’s her, she’s driving the car. It’s stolen.” I activated my blue and followed the vehicle @ 5-7 houses down on Moreland St. At this time, the defendant started to pull over to the right into a partial opening. As she was pulling over, she struck a parked M/V causing damage to the driver’s side front quarter panel and ripped the bumper off. The vehicle is a 2015 Chevy Silverado, black, Mass Reg XXXX which is owned by XXXX of XX Moreland St Somerville. As a direct result of striking the parked M/V, she damaged the passenger side , front to rear, of the 2017 Honda Accord, blue, Mass Reg XXXX, which is a rental vehicle owned by XXXX of XXXX Kelly Way, Holyoke, Ma. 01040. The lessee’s info is as follows: XXXX of XX Olmstead St. Jamaica Plain, Ma. 02130.

The vehicle came to a complete stop in front of @ XX Moreland St. I ordered both occupants to stay inside the vehicle with their hands raised out the open windows. I called the Mass Reg, XXXX, into Somerville Control and was informed that the vehicle I had stopped was a Stolen M/V. This vehicle was reported Stolen on Boston P.D. on 08/28/2019. The CJISWeb print out stated that the keys were in the vehicle at the time of the theft. I waited for my backup to arrive before each occupant was removed from the stolen vehicle. Offs. Scrugli, Hartsgrove, and Bork arrived shortly after my radio transmission. Off. Scrugli handcuffed defendant Clifford and Off. Hartsgrove handcuffed defendant Lefoy. Off. Bork searched the female.

Once the scene was secured, I asked defendant Clifford if she had a current Mass diver’s license. She nodded her head in a negative manner. I discovered thru the RMV that Ms. Clifford’s driver’s license in Mass. is currently Suspended at this time, I advised the defendant of the charges I was lodging against her. I also informed Ms. Clifford that she had an Outstanding Default Warrant lodged against her: Docket # 1907CR002746 that was issued out of Dorchester District Court for Unlicensed Operation of a M/V and Receiving a Stolen M/V.

Once Ms. Clifford was secured, I turned my attention to the male passenger (front seat, passenger side). I learned that this defendant’s name is Jeffrey R. Lafoy with a DOB of XXXX. Mr. Lafoy was searched by one of the other male officers on scene and no further contraband was discovered on this defendant. After ascertaining his identification, Lefoy was checked thru the CJIS system for any outstanding warrants. I observed that Lefoy was wearing a probation type GPS tracking ankle braclet on his left ankle. I asked him what his status was due to the bracelet. He stated that he was currently out on bail. He stated that he was riding around with defendant Clifford in order to charge his bracelet that was probably dead at this time. Once I informed him that he was under arrest for the above stated charge, he became very belligerent, boisterous, and angry toward me. He started yelling and swearing at me because I ruined his life. He started making veiled threats to do bodily harm to me. He challenged me several times to strike him while handcuffed behind his back. He made several disparaging remarks toward me regarding my age. I refused to engage these antics. All the time, he was getting louder and angrier, accusing me of discriminating against him. He mentioned something about people of color and that I was a racist. I warned him that if he didn’t cease and desist his disruptive behavior, I would lodge an additional charge against him of being a Disorderly Person. Due to the defendant’s tumultuous behavior, numerous residents awoke from their sleep to view the disturbance. The peace and tranquility of the neighborhood was obviously disturbed. At one point, the resident of the house, where we were detaining the defendant, came out of his residence and demanded that we remove the defendant off his property, due to his disruptive antics.

The Prisoner Transport van, Wagon #200, arrived on scene being operated by Off. M. Canty. Off. Canty transported both individuals back to SPD Headquarters, where they were booked and advised of their rights by Sgt. John Marino. Once defendant Lefoy was booked, Sgt. Marino noticed that SPD had received a fax communication from Probation Officer Erik Shears out of Boston Municipal/Roxbury District Court, commanding SPD to place defendant Lefoy under arrest for Violation of a Condition of Probation, Docket # 1902CR001073. The fax was received on 09/03/2019 @ 02:39 Hrs.

Respectfully submitted,

Det. James McNally #80
Somerville Police Dept.
Narcotics/Vice Unit

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