Somerville Speakup Line: Major Flaws With “Affordable Housing” Proposal

Photo:Something is seriously wrong here and definitely a conflict from the start. Notice photo of Mayor Joe Curtatone with Boston city counseling Tito Jackson endorsing this? Tito Jackson is the major lobbyist for Mayor Curtatone’s newly proposed family pot shop that’s located on 567 McGrath Highway in Somerville that is hidden in his deceased father’s name trust “Cosmo Curtatone Revocable Trust” with his sister Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone and his elderly mom as beneficiaries to the trust.

Cambridge Council ready to approve “affordable housing” proposal

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This is a MAJOR ISSUE that is going to affect ALL multi-family property owners state-wide if passed.

The same is being proposed by Joe Curtatone for Somerville. People need to get out and vote this OUT.

See attached flow chart (IMG_4434.jpg) for the steps in a flowchart format owners WILL BE REQUIRED to take BEFORE they can freely sell their home….or investment they worked years to maintain and earn.

SomCondoordLinks.doc is an article on Joe Curtatone delivering his ‘flowcharted’ proposal to State House. There are also some links to other info websites OPPOSED to property becoming rent controlled again. It didn’t work the first time.

2 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: Major Flaws With “Affordable Housing” Proposal”

  1. These are desperate attempts by the Mayor to get re-elected by appeasing the group of monsters he created. Many migrated from Cambridge seeking shelter at a low cost.

    Sadly the numbers may not be there this year for another term. As they quietly work the wards securing their votes. The big surprise will come in November after he wins the primary.

    The word is vote Joe in the primary to give him more confidence than he currently has. Then the big push in the final to send him packing like everyone else that has been pushed out by his stupidity.

    I am sure he will knocking on the doors of the survivors looking for support lets remind him what he really has done to the neighborhood’s throughout this once fine city.

    How low will the vote go

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