74 Year Old Somerville Widowed Grandmother Punched In Face During Home Invasion By 16 Year Old Illegal Immigrant

By William Tauro

This past Thursday evening the Somerville Police were notified of reports of a young male ringing doorbells and knocking on doors on Rush Street In Somerville.

According to the victim’s family , at around 6:30pm this same juvenile rang the doorbell of a 74 year old widowed grandmother, a lifelong Somerville resident of Rush Street and punched her in the face as she answered her door knocking her out.

The victims family member told us that the juvenile then ran inside her home and headed down the basement while the grandmother regained consciousness and crawled from her front door out onto the street where she was noticed by a neighbor that was walking by who then called the police.

When police officers arrived they found the elderly grandmother on the street bleeding while other offices rushed into the home to search the premises.

We were told by the victims family that the juvenile was found hiding in the basement stone-cold out of his mind where he was arrested.

The grandmother was rushed to the Mount Auburn Hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

We were told by the victim’s member that officers on the scene informed them that the juvenile male is a 16-year-old illegal immigrant that has only been here in this country for only four months.

We were also told by the victims family that as of 11:30am on Friday the following day, the police haven’t released any information on the case as of yet because of the juvenile that they have in custody hasn’t woken up yet from whatever he was on.

This story is still developing…

12 thoughts on “74 Year Old Somerville Widowed Grandmother Punched In Face During Home Invasion By 16 Year Old Illegal Immigrant”

    1. Send him back to his country. Come in the legal way. Curatone loves illegals but he doesnt want them in his city. Like Trump said ” you want them then take them” Sanctuary cities are a joke

  1. Sue the Mayor be the first,for Santuary City he in charge and not doing anything about it, is that how the Somerville Elderly or other Redisdents suppose to Live, get loud and thing will get down.

  2. Somebody needs to put this news story out there mainstream. I see the left is not tooting their horns today.

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