Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Terrance MORRISON (A&B PO x 5, Resisting & Cambridge Warrants)

On Monday, 8/19/19, I was working my assigned 8AM to 4PM shift in the East-1 cruiser. At approximately 10:17AM, Officer Justin Buswell (East-4), and I were dispatched to 21 Michigan Avenue, apartment x, for a check condition. The xxxxxxx of XXXX wanted a check condition done on XXX because xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Terrance Morrison is well known to officers; he is regularly in our crime bulletin, for officer safety awareness. Morrison was listed in the latest Somerville Police Crime Bulletin (of 08/16/19), as being wanted on 3 active warrants. Prior to arriving on scene, Ofc. Buswell verified that the warrants on Morrison were active.

Upon arrival, Officer Jose Ramires arrived on scene as well. He stated that he was at this address for a check condition the night prior, but that there was no apartment number given. The apartment number given today was apartment #X. I rang the doorbell to apartment X but did not get an answer. Ofc. Buswell and Ofc. Ramires checked the back but did not see anyone in the xxx floor apartment.

I then rang the doorbells to apartment X and apartment X. The landlord’s mother, XXXX came out and stated that the whole residence was an Air B&B. She was on the phone with her son, XXXX who is the homeowner. XXXX gave his mother permission to open the doors for us. She opened the front door to apartment X. XXXX gave us permission to check the whole residence. Ofc. Buswell, Ofc. Ramires and I cleared the apartment; no one was in it.

We asked her if anyone by the name of XXXX was staying in any of her apartments, she said that she was not sure. She then said that she has people in apartment X if we wanted to check that apartment. We went to apartment X and found two individuals but they were not the involved parties. Shortly after, XXXX stated that there was someone by the name XXXX staying in apartment X.

Seargant Scott Whalen, Ofc. Buswell, Ofc. Ramires, and I knocked on the door to apartment X; I announced that we were the Somerville Police. A female opened the door and identified herself as XXXX. I asked her if anyone else was in the room with her and she said that her boyfriend was. I pushed the door open a little wider and asked him what his name was. He stated that his name was XXXX and that his date of birth was xxxx. I recognized him as Terrence Morrison. I turned to the other officers and Sgt to inform them.

Sgt. Whalen asked XXXX to step out of the room. I asked Morrison to put his hands behind his back. At this point, Morrison charged towards me, viciously slamming me against the wall, in an effort to flee. He also aggressively slammed his body against Ofc. Buswell to move him out of the way and then continued to the stairs, to flee.

I was able to lock my legs around him while Ofc. Buswell, Ofc. Ramires and Sgt Whalen grabbed a hold of his upper body. While we tried to secure a hold of him, he continued to fight officers. He head butted Ofc. Ramires and I and he kept throwing his elbows at Ofc. Buswell and I. During the attempt to secure a hold, Ofc. Buswell and Ofc. Ramires’s grip of his upper body grew weak because his shirt ripped and his body was very sweaty. At this point, he grew more combative and Sgt. Whalen’s leg was caught, twisted in between personnel. My hold of his legs loosened as he continued fighting us. He was ultimately able to break loose once his shirt ripped off completely.

Morrison took off on foot towards Wisconsin Ave. I took off after him and witnessed him turn left onto Wisconsin Ave. I turned left onto Wisconsin Ave. shortly after him but I did not see where he went from there. I asked a male further down the street if he saw a white male with no shirt run past him, and he said no. Officers Paul Beckford and James Torres formed a perimeter around Wisconsin Ave. while Officer Catatao and I began checking backyards of the first few houses on the street.

Officer Catatao and I entered the backyard of 4X Wisconsin Ave. and walked up the back stairs to the third floor patio, to find Morrison lying on the ground, trying to hide. I yelled at him to stay down on the ground while Ofc. Catatao and I approached him. As he got up from the ground, I opened my O.C. spray holster and warned Morrison that I was going to spray him. Before I could get my spray out, he started to run. Ofc. Catatao and I were able to grab a hold of his arms but he instantly became combative and started swinging his arms at us. He pushed towards the edge of the balcony as I was holding on to him, and slammed me into the balcony. He attempted to run down the stairs as I was still holding on to him. Ofc. Catatao called out over the radio to inform the other units that he was trying to run down the stairs. Officers Buswell and Beckford met us on the stairs and assisted me with escorting Morrison to the ground.

Ofc. Beckford and I held Morrison down as Ofc. Buswell placed handcuffs on Morrison.

All officers present were uniformed Somerville Police Officers.

When the prisoner transport unit 200 arrived, Morrison was transported to the Somerville Police station by Officer Thomas Lambert, where he was booked by Lt. Diogo DeOliveira.

It should be noted that Officers Catatao, Ramires, Buswell did not suffer any major injuries. Sgt. Whalen suffered severe to his right leg. I suffered some minor bruising, scrapes, and back pain.

Respectfully Submitted,
Officer Priscilla Ribeiro #349
Somerville Police Department

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