Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Mark GALLOWAY (A&B DW, Possess Class A Drug)

On August 25, 2019 I was working Patrol in Cruiser W6 on the day shift. At around 1430 I was dispatched to the 711 Store (11 College AV) for an “assault.”

Upon arrival I was flagged down by several people who informed me that someone had been stabbed. They were also pointing at the MBTA bus road toward the Rite Aid and relaying that this was the direction of flight of the suspect. At this time, one person pointed directly at an individual moving away from my location and told me he was the suspect. I caught up to the party in the Rite Aid parking lot. I immediately recognized the suspect as Mr. Mark Galloway (xxxx, 373 Highland AV, Somerville, MA.) I ordered him to stop and asked him if he had a knife and he said that he did. I ordered him to throw the knife away from him to which he complied. I then handcuffed Mr. Galloway and told him I was detaining him as a suspect in an assault. W7 (C Collette) arrived at my location at this point. Mr. Galloway then began to tell me about how he was “jumped.” I stopped Mr. Galloway and gave him his Miranda rights to which he said he understood. During all of these events other units were on scene at 711.

Mr. Galloway informed me that he had been walking back from the Davis SQ T Stop (opposite College AV side) via Statue Park. He then recognized a male who had assaulted him the night before (19048591.) This male was with a group of other men. Some words were exchanged and the group of men “jumped” Mr. Galloway. Mr. Galloway claims to have been hit with “stones” and was pushed to the ground and “kicked.” Mr. Galloway then produced a knife and the group stopped their attack. During this moment, the victim and alleged fellow attacker; XXXX (xxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx) began to move away. Mr. Galloway stated that XXXX had “kicked” him in the “head” several times during the attack. Mr. Galloway then went towards XXXX with the knife in hand. XXXX then fell to the ground during his retreat and at this mark was stabbed by Mr. Galloway. Mr. Galloway then left the area. I asked Mr. Galloway if the knife that he had when I cuffed him was the weapon used and he said “yes.” I also found a scale on Mr. Galloway. Mr. Galloway claims to have been in fear for his safety and acted in self defense.

I spoke to XXXX (xxxxx) who said he saw the event. XXXX stated he saw the suspect approach a group of men that the victim was a part of. The suspect pulled a knife and told this group of men to stay away from the area. The group then began to fight Mr. Galloway. XXXX stated the victim did not kick the suspect. XXXX stated the suspect was hit with various objects. XXXX goes on to say the victim tried to flee but fell and that was when he was stabbed by the suspect between a “car and curb.”

I attempted to do a show up but the victim had been transported to MGH. I then arrested Mr. Galloway for ABDW. He was transported in 200 and booked in the usual manner by LT DiGregorio. After the suspect was transported I told SGT Holland (the Patrol Sergeant) that I would like to interview the victim before writing my report. With SGT Holland’s permission, I went to MGH to conduct a follow up (19048714.) I secured all evidence and other units cleared soon after.

At MGH I was brought in to see XXXX. I asked his attending nurse if they had given XXXX any sort of medication and she said “no.” I then asked XXXX to tell me about what happened. XXXX told me that he “was sitting on a bench” in Statue Park when the suspect approached. Words were then exchanged between a group of men unknown to XXXX and the suspect. XXXX said the group of men then “tried to jump him” (Mr. Galloway.) XXXX went onto say the suspect pulled a knife and the group began to disperse. The suspect then came after XXXX and he tripped and fell. XXXX was then stabbed by the suspect. I asked XXXX why he was targeted if he was not attacking Mr. Galloway and he did not answer me. I asked XXXX if he knew the other men in the group and he would not answer me. However, XXXX then said “he was in defense” and “I feel him.” XXXX then requested that I stop asking him questions. I spoke to XXXX’s Doctor; DR XXXX. I asked her if she could provide me with information that might be of investigative value regarding his wounds (affected area, depth of wound(s), internal damage, etc…) to which she refused. I asked again and she said she needed XXXX’s permission. Permission was requested and denied by XXXX. Once more I asked her for any official medical opinion and she responded “stable.”

I returned to the scene in an attempt to get any surveillance footage. After speaking to building management as well as managers at the various store fronts I learned that there is no cameras pointed at the crime scene. I noted cameras at the Davis SQ T Stop and have submitted a formal request for footage with the T Police. I sent SGT Fusco an email regarding the Homeland Security Camera and another camera I saw on a post that appears to be observing Davis SQ.

Officers on scene at Statue Park spoke to several witnesses. One of them was XXXX (xxxx, xxxxx.) I called XXXX and she told me she was standing at the College AV T Stop with her friend; XXXX (xxxx, xxxxxxx.) XXXX reports that she saw a “tussle” in statue park involving “four guys” who were “kicking a man on the ground.” She then looked down to call 911. When she looked back up, the man who was being attacked on the ground was up and walking past her down the MBTA bus road with a “knife” in his hand. She claims to have heard someone from the group of men still across the street “yelling” something about someone being “stabbed.” She described the man who walked past her as “older, 50’s/60’s” and “black with light skin” as well as wearing a “loose fitting button down shirt and camo pants.” XXXX had no further info. I then called XXXX who reports that she was observing Statue Park while standing with XXXX at the College AV side T Stop. She then saw a group of men “start to fight.” She claims one man was “pushed to the ground” and was being “kicked.” She then looked away to call 911 and when she looked back at the park she saw a man “holding his side.” She then observed the man who had been pushed on the ground and kicked was now “running” down the MBTA bus road. She saw another man chasing him telling “you stabbed my friend.”

LT DiGregorio later informed me that a small bag of brown and white powder was found on Mr. Galloway during booking. LT DiGreorio and Officer T Lambert asked Mr. Galloway if this was heroin. Mr. Galloway said that it was. At this time I am charging Mr. Galloway with ABDW (265/15A/A) and possession of a Class A Substance (94C/34/A.) Several pictures of the arrest scene are attached to this report.

Very respectfully,

Officer Michael Cleary #353
Somerville Police Department

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