Somerville Speakup Line:Mayor’s Ten Hills Private Street Party Hits Sour Note for Sunsetters

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

The Somerville Sunsetters, a great bunch of talented Somerville students doing an awesome job here in the city that always draws large crowds except when they appeared on Ten Hills In Somerville.

Last Monday night, August 12 Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone hosted his annual private party featuring the Somerville Sunsetters in front of his home that is located on Ten Hills in Somerville.

In years past the mayor would draw a rather large crowd, closing down the street, catering company feeding the neighborhood and invited guests attending while enjoying the show. But this year was a different story, the Sunsetters were awesome as usual but it was a bad showing and that only about a handful or so people showed up which mainly consisted of a few neighbors, some of the mayor’s family, three City Councillor-at-Large candidates and some department heads only. it appears that the mayor has lost a lot of supporters in the past two years that’s probably why there was such a poor attendance.

Red Bones was the caterer that was hired to serve food at the event who left after the show with over a half a truck full of extra food because of the no-show of attendees. The attendees that did show up did take home some extra food as well and you know Dennis Sullivan brought a shopping bag.

2 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:Mayor’s Ten Hills Private Street Party Hits Sour Note for Sunsetters”

  1. Its a shame more residents and elected officials did not attend such a wonderful event put on by a very diverse group of Somerville kids.

    Their talent exhibited throughout the summer was unbelievable, it was amazing to see them all grow because of such a great program.

    It is likely the turnout at Ten hills was a result of all the Councilors being unopposed and elsewhere doing what they do best. Preparing to assist the Mayoral and At Large candidates they are secretly supporting.

    Unfortunately for the Mayor he is losing his base of support on a daily basis and knowing how well the extreme left Liberals operate they are quietly working on their ground game in preparation for this November’s final election showdown.

    Hopefully he saved the leftovers for the election night results especially the booze. Hopefully his neighbor did not grab that as well.

  2. Your days are numbered mr. mayor. Your family base support is slowly being ousted from Somerville, replaced by transients and new arrivals that don’t know you or dare to know you.

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