Somerville Speakup Line:Is Something Else Going On With Another Project?

Dear Billy T. and the Somerville Speak Up Line,

I have been watching the GLX, (Green Line Extension) project for the last 2 years now from the back of my house. All kinds of heavy equipment working to cut down trees, move tracks, level earth, etc.

From my house on Montrose street I’ve watched and heard everything happen. Sometimes my house shakes so much it’s scary. But the one thing I’ve noticed is that all the contractors vehicles have had magnetic signs over the company names of the vehicles that say GLX contractor.

After watching your video today driving over the Medford Street Bridge, I realized that the last few days, there’s been a 9pm to 3am shift of heavy equipment digging on the tracks that obviously aren’t GLX vehicles because the Middlesex Construction labels on the trucks aren’t covered up.

What’s up with the whole unrelated 2nd job going on from 9pm to 3am under the cover of darkness?


A concerned Montrose Street resident

One thought on “Somerville Speakup Line:Is Something Else Going On With Another Project?”

  1. Not sure if it’s the reason, but I recall reading a few years back (when the funding for the GLX had still not been fully secured) that there was a concurrent sewer project that had to be done no matter what the GLX ended up as. I wonder if that’s the work you’re talking about?

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