Mayor’s 40th Annual Senior Picnic In Somerville

Another Mayor’s 40th Picnic , It is a really a fun day and so many people from The Ville make it happen. And it is a whole City event It Starts with The Council on aging ‘s Staff Headed By Cindy Hickey and all the Crew, The DPW who have the park ready from the grass to the top of the Trees. By the time it’s over you would never know there was 10 people let alone up to 1000+ all of the donors and businesses giving gifts, gift cards great food and treats, entertainment ,and transportation by Karen Chaille Lima Cheryl Chaille Horan and the rest of the Family from Green and Yellow Cab Somerville. and the Somerville Police Dept. also who keep everyone safe.

And all these people are still doing their jobs for the rest of the City and residents.

I hope it happens for at least another 100 yrs. Thank You

Click on link below to see video:

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