Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Simon arrest

On January 12, 2014, I, Officer Gravin Guillen, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit W-5. I was still on relief when Somerville Control dispatched
units to Madison and School St. for a report of a fight. I was on Lowell St and started to make my way.

I was the first to arrive on scene. I observed two males in the middle of the street. There was no fight at this time. I observed one of the males had ripped sweat pants. Another male was looking at the ground for something. I asked the male what he was looking for. He told me he had lost his earing and him and his friend were trying to find it on the ground. I asked if there was any fighting going on and they both replied no. I asked how did he loose the earing and he did not answer me. I asked the other male, later identified as Micalo Simon, if he could take his hand out of his pocket. He refused to do so. I asked him again and this time to give me some identification. He told me he did not have to give his id and that he knew his rights and did not have to listen to me.

I informed him that he was not free to leave and that we got multiple reports of fighting where these two individuals were and that I was trying to figure out what took place. Mr. Simon started to walk away and shouting. I asked him to stop and started walking towards him. At this time, he began to run yelling. I radioed in a foot pursuit and chased him about 50 yards where Mr. Simon went behind a car. At this time, E-4, Officers Capasso and Standford, arrived and went to the other side of the car. Ofc. Capasso told him to get on the ground. Mr. Simon refused and tried to run again. Ofc. Capasso grabbed his arm to handcuff him for other officers safety and he began to struggle. Ofc. Stanford and myself assisted with applying the handcuffs. I would like to add that multiple cars drove by witnessing this event and stopping. Other bystanders walked by and citizens were looking out their windows. At this time, C4 and E-1, operated by Officers Cicerone and Ward arrived. They searched the other male and he was released. Mr. Simon continued to talk and shout while handcuffed, and when he was taken into Unit #200 wagon, he continued to yell and scramble inside the wagon. Mr. Simon was arrested for Disorderly and resisting arrest .

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  1. Dude this got to be funniest lying piece of shit of paper work I’ve seen in my life that day couple years ago the officer who came afte the piece of shit who made this false report I knew the officer and it was only one officer who put handcuff on me lmfaooo I know the guy around the city and he is cool officer but the one that made this report Lmaoo can eat a dick.

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