Somerville’s Cota Funeral Home, Demolished



By William Tauro

On Monday excavators ripped through and demolished a longtime familiar Somerville landmark, the Cota Funeral Home building thats located on Washington Street.

The land will be the site of a new development project that will begin constuction this winter.

10 thoughts on “Somerville’s Cota Funeral Home, Demolished”

  1. Death is a part of life. All my dealings with the Cota family have been caring, supportive and comforting in people’s time of need.
    No one wants a funeral home in their backyard, but these same people desperately seek a nice funeral home when the need arises. We should all be grateful to have had such a loving and caring family to help us.

  2. Thank You to the Cota Family. lifelong friends in good times and sad times……………….

    1. Nothing like having a big creepy funeral home in the neighborhood to remind you of DEATH.. Thanks to Cota and Struzziero family …but thank God that big eyesore is gone . Now we need to demolish The Cataldo Funeral Home Building on Broadway

      1. death is apart of life. your sick comments for people doing a job you could probably never is in poor taste and out of line. the Cotas are and always be better people than you ever will be.

  3. so many of my memories are connected to this place. From being a small child and playing around in the rooms downstairs as the adults had their moments and final good-byes … to a terrible tragedy I had to handle as a college student (Tony was so supportive and helpful), all the way through losing my great aunts, my grandfather, my uncle, my dad, and most recently my yiayia (two Septembers ago. I just assumed that when my time came, Cota’s is where my family and friends would pay their respects, too. Thank you, Cota Family, for being such a big part of the Grasso Family

  4. It is with a sad heart that I view this photo of a hole in the city that was once occupied by my family. Believe us when we say it was not an easy decision to make. We enjoyed many years at 197 Washington St. and wish the new occupants the same joy that property granted us.

  5. Perfect! More
    Condos and apartments that no one can afford! Keep up the good work moving families out of Somerville joe!


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