Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Sean O’CONNER (B&E MV, RSP, Drug Possess Class A & Saugus Warrant)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser East-4, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 4:13 A.M., Officer Bork (East-1) and I were dispatched to 2X Bailey Rd for a B & E of a motor vehicle in progress. Officer J. Moreira (East-2) and Officer Sousa (Sector-East) also responded. The suspect was described as a white male, wearing shorts with no shirt and long hair in a ponytail. While en route Somerville dispatch informed officers that the suspect, later identified as Sean O’Connor, was ducking behind the dark colored motor vehicle that he was just seen inside of.

Upon arrival I exited my cruiser and observed Mr. O’Connor crouched down behind a black Honda civic, bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx, with no shirt on, wearing shorts and his hair was in a ponytail. I ordered Mr. O’Connor to stand up and placed him in handcuffs, double locking the cuffs and checking for tightness. I asked Mr. O’Connor what he was doing and he stated he was just taking a break.

I spoke with the reporting party, later identified as XXXX, who was a short distance away from officers. XXXX stated the following; he was exiting his house when he observed the suspect walking in the middle of Bailey Rd checking car door handles. Mr. O’Connor check approximately 3 cars, then went into a drive way and then exited the driveway and checked the 4th car, the black Honda civic. He observed Mr. O’Connor place some items on the roof of the vehicle and then observed him in the front of the vehicle with his legs hanging out using a flashlight to look around the inside of the car. He then observed Mr. O’Connor in the back of the vehicle and then in the trunk of the vehicle. He stated that when Mr. O’Connor saw the headlights of my cruiser is when he ducked behind the car. It should be noted that when I located Mr. O’Connor crouching behind the vehicle there was a small black flashlight directly to the left of him.

During a search incident to arrest of Mr. O’Connor, I located a $25 dollar Barnes & Noble gift card, a USAA debit card bearing the name XXXX, and a small bag containing a brown powder substance which through my training and experience, I believed to be heroin on his persons. Mr. O’Connor also had a backpack with miscellaneous items. Inside the bag was also a large amount of coin currency, an Apple IPad Air (serial # xxxxxxxx), and an unknown Motorola Verizon cell phone. Both the IPad and cell phone were placed into evidence for safekeeping.

I then spoke with the owner of the Honda civic, later identified as XXXX. I asked XXXX to take a look at his vehicle to see if it was how he left it. XXXX stated that it appeared that it was rummaged through and that the gift card that was recovered from Mr. O’Connor, was given to him by a former student and was in his motor vehicle. XXXX stated that the Pepsi and saltine crackers that were left on the roof of his car did not belong to him. The Barnes & Noble gift card was photographed and returned to XXXX.

I queried XXXX via the CJISWEB application and located an address of 8X Ten Hills Rd. Officer J. Moreira and I went to follow up with XXXX to determine if the debit card belonged to her. While driving down Bailey Rd onto Ten Hills Rd, Officer J. Moreira observed a vehicle, bearing Massachusetts registration xxxxx, that was unlocked and appeared to be rummaged through also. It should be noted that in the back seat of that vehicle was a similar bag of saltine crackers that was located with Mr. O’Connor. I made contact with XXXX and asked if the USAA debit card belonged to her and stated that I believed her motor vehicle, Massachusetts registration xxxx, was broken into. XXXX confirmed that her vehicle was rummaged through and that was not how she left it. She stated that her and her roommate returned home at approximately 8:45 P.M. the night prior and the vehicle was left unlocked in the driveway. The glove box was rummaged through and papers were over the passenger seat. XXXX stated that the debit card was inside her vehicle. The USAA debit card was photographed and returned to XXXX.

At this time based upon the evidence and statements made, I placed Mr. O’Connor under arrest for the following;

M.G.L c266/ §18 B and E of a Vehicle Night time for a Felony (2 counts)
M.G.L c266/ §60 Receiving Stolen Property (2 counts)
M.G.L c94C / §34 Drug, Possession Class A

He was transported by Unit #200, Officer Morel, to the Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked by Lt. deOliveira.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer David Ruf #334
Somerville Police Department

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