Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jamari ELLCOCK-DAVIS (Unarmed Assault & Burglary, Intimidate Witness)

On July 31, 2019, I was assigned area East 1 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 12:10 AM, due to me not having a cruiser, East 3, Ofc. Catatao, and Sector East, Ofc. Sousa, were dispatched to 19X Broadway for a male party that had broken into the residence and had fled. The reporting party knew the male as Jamari Ellcock-Davis.

Ofc. Catatao located a male party on McGrath Highway matching the description given and was able to ID him as Jamari Ellcock-Davis. Please refer to Ofc. Catatao’s supplemental for more information.

Approximately a few moments later, East 4, Ofc. Ruf, and I, responded to 19X Broadway #X to speak to the reporting party, XXXX. XXXX stated that Mr. Ellcock-Davis and he have been friends for about a year, and that evening they had been arguing over personal matters. XXXX said Mr. Ellcock-Davis began yelling outside of 14X Broadway at him, and then broke in through a bedroom window trying to get to him, pushing a bed out of the way. Mr. Ellcock-Davis then began rummaging through drawers and went into the kitchen going through things. XXXX told Mr. Ellcock-Davis that he was going to call the police, and went to call from his cell phone. Mr. Ellcock-Davis grabbed XXXX ‘s hands and attempted to take the cell phone from him. XXXX was able to gain control of the phone and said again that he was calling the police. Mr. Ellcock-Davis fled the residence at this time. XXXX ‘s ten year old son was present during this incident and was able to call 911 for his father.

I then informed Somerville Control over the air to start unit #200 to Ofc. Catatao’s location. I then asked Ofc. Catatao to place Mr. Ellcock-Davis under arrest for:

Ch 266/14/E Aggravated Burglary
Ch 268/13B/D Witness Intimidation

Mr. Ellcock-Davis was transported by unit #200, Ofc. Morel, and booked in the usual manner by shift commander Lt. DeOliveira.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christine Bork #327
Somerville Police Department

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